Rent iPhone

Rent your next iPhone from just £8.99 a month with no upfront costs. You’ll get a FREE case and screen protector, a lifetime warranty, plus the option to renew for at least 10% less or upgrade to a newer device when your minimum term ends. Check out our best iPhone rent deals today!

All rentals cover you for any technical defects and faults are covered throughout your rental period

Low monthly payments

Choose how you want to upgrade that the end of your contract for Free

FREE annual upgrade

Rental is the sustainable way to upgrade

Renew and pay at least 10% less next year

Rental is the smart way to get a new phone

FREE lifetime warranty

Choose from 100's of rental products

FREE case and screen protector with phones

Choose from 100's of rental products

Better for the environment

Rental FAQs

  • Can I keep my existing number on a rental iPhone?

    You sure can! Just pop your current SIM card into the iPhone and you’re all set! If your SIM card doesn’t fit, you should be able to request a new one from your network. If you want to switch networks, request a PAC code by texting “PAC” to 65075. Find out more about PAC codes here.

  • How can I save even more money on my next iPhone?

    Renting an iPhone is cheaper than buying one new on contract, with low monthly payments and the freedom to shop for an affordable airtime plan too. Plus, you’ll get a FREE case and screen protector too! Find out more about SIM only airtime plans here.

  • Why can't I buy the iPhone after my rental ends?

    Rental contributes to a circular economy where products are reused and recycled to help save precious resources and reduce CO2 emissions. By returning your phone to us, you help keep it in circulation for longer! If you would prefer to own an iPhone outright, you can also buy refurbished iPhone devices from us too.


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