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Join the rental revolution and get your next device from just £8.99 a month with no upfront costs, then enjoy a FREE annual upgrade or renew and pay at least 10% less. What’s not to love?

All rentals cover you for any technical defects and faults are covered throughout your rental period

Low monthly payments

Choose how you want to upgrade that the end of your contract for Free

FREE annual upgrade

Rental is the sustainable way to upgrade

Renew and pay at least 10% less next year

Rental is the smart way to get a new phone

FREE lifetime warranty

Choose from 100's of rental products

FREE case and screen protector with phones

Choose from 100's of rental products

Better for the environment



You’ll get a lifetime warranty perfect for the whole familyYou’ll get a lifetime warranty perfect for the whole family

Meet our Magpie Rental Members

One customer wanted to rent an iPad for her family to see how much use they got out of the device before purchasing one outright, renting an iPad also meant that they can keep up with the latest tablets without having to purchase one every year. They wanted something that was cheap and reliable to keep the kids entertained on long car journeys as well as serving as a device for the rest of the family. When they found out musicMagpie was offering affordable rental prices, they knew it was the right decision for them!

They said the overall ease of renting makes it possible to obtain an affordable option and that caters for the whole family!

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Rental FAQs

  • Do I own the device at the end of my rental agreement?

    No, the device will remain the property of musicMagpie throughout the entirety of the rental agreement.

  • Can I choose to buy the device during / after my rental agreement if I want to?

    No, the devices that are available to rent cannot be bought as they remain the property of musicMagpie. If you would prefer to own a device, we have a huge range of phones and tech available to purchase on our website.

  • What happens if my device is lost or stolen?

    You will need to contact our customer support team immediately*. Your device will then be marked as lost or stolen and we will block the device from being used.

    We will collect a payment equivalent to the remaining months left on your rental and the retail value of the device within 7 days of it being reported as lost or stolen.

    If the device is retrieved within 7 days of reporting it lost or stolen, you will need to contact customer service immediately so that the original rental agreement can be reinstated back to normal and carry on where you left off.

  • What happens if my device breaks / damages

    All rental devices are covered by Lifetime Warranty which covers:

    • Technical defects
    • Faults caused by improper workmanship or materials

    It does not cover accidental damage.

    If you need to submit a warranty claim, you can do this by submitting a return in My Account. You will receive an email with a QR code to return it via your nearest post office.

    Once we’ve received your device, we'll look to send a like-for-like replacement. If we don't have the stock, the agreement will be cancelled instead. In this case, you would have to complete a new rental order.

    Visit our ‘help centre’ to learn more about insuring your rental.

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