Sell My iPhone 12

Looking for an easy way to sell iPhone 12? Get an instant price, send it for free and receive fast payment with musicMagpie! Find out how much you can make when you sell iPhone 12 devices by selecting the product you want to sell.

How do I sell my iPhone?


Get an instant price for your Tech


Put your stuff in a box (any box will do)


Send your stuff for FREE


Get paid by bank transfer!

Sell your iPhone with musicMagpie!

Selling an iPhone 12 or another iPhone? Look no further than musicMagpie - the UK’s #1 phone recycling service! Simply get an instant price and send your iPhone for FREE. We’ll pay you the same day it arrives!

There are four iPhone 12s in the range:

Here’s how to sell your iPhone 12 the smart way with musicMagpie:

  1. Tell us the capacity and condition of your phone to get an instant price. No auctions, no fees, no hassle!
  2. Then, pop your phone into a box and send it using one of our FREE send options
  3. With our Fast Same Day Payments, you’ll get paid the same day your phone arrives by bank transfer.

If you don’t want to post your device, simply head to your nearest SMARTDrop Kiosk with your phone and get paid instantly!

It’s that easy! If you need more information, check out our how it works page.

We buy a huge range of iPhone handsets too, including:

To see the full range of phones you can sell with us, head to our 'Sell My Phone' page.

Yes! As long as the phone is fully functional, you can sell cracked iPhone 12 devices with heavy cosmetic damage to us. Find out more on our broken phones page!

Selling your iPhone 12 or another iPhone before buying a new device is the smartest way to upgrade. We’ll even lock in your price for 21 days so you have time to buy your new handset!

It's much cheaper than buying new, plus you’ll get FREE delivery and a FREE 12 month warranty too!

There are loads of great reasons! Here are just a few: 

  • We're the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service! 
  • Our customers have rated us Excellent on Trustpilot, where we have hundreds of thousands of reviews.
  • We’ve paid millions to tons of happy customers across the nation
  • We've won a ton of awards, including  Best Recycling Service at the 2018 & 2019 TechRadar Mobile Choice Awards and the What Mobile Awards '16, '17, '18, '19, '20, '21 and '22!

If that wasn’t enough, we guarantee to pay the first price we offer for your iPhone trade in or we’ll return it to you for FREE. So why wouldn’t you? It’s smart for you and smart for the planet!

The new iPhone comes out in September, according to the latest iPhone rumours.

If you plan to upgrade, trading in your phone will make it cheaper. Just make sure to trade it in as soon as you can to avoid the impact of phone depreciation!

Tempted to switch to Android? Here are the latest mobile phone rumours.

However, if you're thinking of upgrading to another iPhone 12 model, read "is Phone 12 still worth buying?" on our blog. 

Sell your iPhone the smart way with musicMagpie!

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