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$12 Billion of Inside Marketing Secrets - Steven Dworman

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$12 Billion of Inside Marketing Secrets - Discovered Through Direct Response Television Sales
Steven Dworman
Paperback / softback
Steven Dworman Enterprises, Incorporated
UK Publication Date

20th Anniversary of Infomercials Marked By Tell-All Book of Industry Secrets. Whether you love them or hate them, they've become an integral part of our television experience. They've told us everything we ever wanted to know about slicing, dicing, slimming, and toning. From BluBlocker sunglasses to the Psychic Friends Network, they've managed to capture our interest and our dollars for the last twenty years while introducing us to innovative products and some entertaining personalities . . . But wait, there's more! In Steven Dworman's new book $12 Billion of Inside Marketing Secrets Discovered Through Direct Response Television Sales, the entrepreneurs behind this truly American phenomenon reveal the successes and failures that made direct response television what it is today. Written in an interview format, the book presents the personal experiences of twenty-three of the industry's leaders in their own words. "This invaluable information has never been publicly shared before, " states author Steven Dworman. "But what is truly extraordinary is the entrepreneurs personal story of starting with nothing and building $100 million dollar and up businesses!" The passion of each of these individuals comes through clearly in the interviews, whether its for the product, the marketing process, or for free enterprise generally. The story of Jay Kordich, whose Juiceman infomercial was the culmination of a very personal 40 year mission to promote the value of juicing, is truly inspiring. Readers looking for technical information will not be disappointed. Candid conversations reveal each insider's personal successes and failures while passing along tips and tricks of the trade. In a particularly interesting section of his interview, Tony Robbins shares his experience with a specific focus group and breaks down the lessons learned. Although the book primarily focuses on network and cable TV infomercials, Marjorie Poore's interview outlines the more subtle methods used by public broadcasting for product tie-ins. The book concludes with an interview with Bill Guthy and Greg Renker of industry heavy-hitter Guthy-Renker. Currently marketing the Proactiv skin care line, Principal Secret, Personal Power and Windsor Pilates, made their garage business into a $1 billion per year concern solely through direct response marketing. The interview includes their strategy for success, and offers their view of the future of direct response television. Author biography: In the burgeoning field of infomercials, Steve Dworman has emerged as the industry expert. In 1991 he began publishing "The Infomercial Marketing Report," a monthly subscription newsletter read in over 20 countries worldwide. He also published with Adweek Magazines, "Adweek's Direct Response Television Sourcebook." Having produced and run his own direct response television campaigns, Dworman learned all aspects of the industry. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies such as Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, Mattel, Avon, Apple Computer, Microsoft, and many others. He's been quoted by over 3,000 news sources including: Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, The Economist, The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune to name just a few. He has a key eye for picking products and was responsible for many huge successes in the industry such as Total Gym, which grossed close to $1 billion in sales. Dworman served served as President and Founder of DMMO, the Digital Media Marketing Organization with members such as, Eastman Kodak, Technicolor, Warner Home Media, Sony Digital, and JVC amongst many other leading companies. In 2001 he wrote & directed a feature film entitled, Divorce: the Musical. The film was featured on CNN, and in a front-page story in The Los Angeles Times. He created a series of Health Book infomercials with Hugh Downs that grossed over $300 million utilizing the info contained within this book.

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