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Binary - Stephanie Saulter

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Stephanie Saulter
Paperback / softback
Jo Fletcher Books
UK Publication Date

When confiscated genestock is stolen out of secure government quarantine, DI Sharon Varsi finds herself on the biggest case of her career: chasing down a clever thief, a mysterious hacker, and the threat of new, black market gemtech.

Zavcka Klist, ruthless industrial enforcer, has reinvented herself. Now the head of Bel'Natur, she wants gem celebrity Aryel Morningstar's blessing for the company's revival of infotech - the science that spawned the Syndrome, nearly destroyed mankind and led to the creation of the gems. With illness in her own family that only a gemtech can cure, Aryel's in no position to refuse.

As the infotech programme inches towards a breakthrough, Sharon's investigations lead ever closer to the dark heart of Bel'Natur, the secrets of Aryel Morningstar's past . . . and what Zavcka Klistis really after.

'Some books are good, some books are even great. This one is important' - SF Signal

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Jamaican-born Stephanie Saulter writes speculative fiction. She left Jamaica to study at MIT in the USA and spent fifteen years in America before moving to the UK in 2003. She's worked as a corporate executive, a public policy wonk and a management consultant, amongst other things, and in 2010 she launched the Scriptopus interactive website for writing short fiction. Her highly acclaimed Evolution trilogy, GEMSIGNS, BINARY and REGENERATION, are set in a near future that's been fundamentally altered by neurological pandemic, genetic manipulation and social media. Stephanie blogs unpredictably at and tweets slightly more reliably as @scriptopus. She lives in London.

Binary is an exciting book that . . . is great fun to read.

I've said that Rewriting The Script is about focusing on authors who
offer something fresh and new in SF/F, and if Stephanie Saulter doesn't
count as one of those - indeed, perhaps as one of the brightest and best
- then I don't know who does. This is another five-star effort from a
writer that you absolutely do not want to allow to fly under the radar.
Over The Effing Rainbow

and a superb storyline that will make you stop and wonder.
If you are looking for a unique concept in science-fiction, get the
revolution series. You won't go wrong.
The Book Plank

We should be giving Saulter recognition for the intelligence and craft
that she brings to her books . . . So much science fiction glosses over
the creation of post-human species.
The (R)Evolution series dives straight into the heart of the issues,
and it has not finished with them yet
Cheryl Morgan

Some books are good, some books are even great. This one is important. 4.5 out of 5
SF Signal

Binary presents an entertaining and compelling story, with a
tight and energetic climax . . . Stephanie Saulter is definitely an
interesting writer, and one whose work I intend to keep seeking out
Strange Horizons

In Binary Stephanie Saulter has created an evocative and
wonderfully crafted story
. . .
she has truly captured a future setting
with all it's mess and madness, it's order and disorder, it's
differences and similarities and it's sheer humanity
The Bookbeard's Blog

Stephanie Saulter has once again triumphed in a terrific,
un-put-downable, novel
with plenty to keep the reader guessing and
desperate to find out the truth behind the mystery. 9/10
Sleepless Musings Of A Well Groomed Moustached Man

one of the most powerful, thought provoking books I've ever read
Bookworm Blues

If you loved Gemsigns, you'll be blown away by Binary.
What an absolutely amazing book this is . . .
I would recommend this
series to anyone who likes an intelligent, exciting, extremely well
science fiction story
Draumr Kopa blog

Binary has confirmed Saulter as one of the most interesting new voices in SF and a must-read author

A Fantastical Librarian

A brilliantly plotted, vividly told tale that encompasses the breath of humanity's triumphs and its failures, Binary accomplishes what few sequels do in surpassing its predecessor in every way
Speculating on Spec Fiction

An incredibly strong follow-up . . . I could go on and praise this novel over and over again. Social sci-fi just doesn't get any better than this!

One of the best SF books I've read. Fascinating in the extreme
The Founding Fields

An entertaining and compelling story, with a tight and energetic climax
Strange Horizons

Every bit as good as the first book
SF Crowsnest

A fascinating and compelling read . . . It comes highly recommended

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