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Cauda Equi-Not - Bethany Taylor

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Cauda Equi-Not
Bethany Taylor
Paperback / softback
Fisher King Publishing
UK Publication Date

'I'm really sorry to say, the reason we are having to operate on you today is because you have something called Cauda Equina Syndrome. Have you ever heard of it?' Naturally I hadn't, she continued. 'Cauda Equina Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder, your L5 disk is compressing on the spinal nerve roots at the tail of your spine, hence the name Cauda Equina, it's latin for horses tail. If this goes un-operated for more than forty-eight hours you are likely to have permanent incontinence and permanent paralysis of your lower extremities. As you mentioned, this started on Wednesday evening so we really need to get you into theatre before midnight tonight to have any chance of salvaging your nerves. Also, full disclosure, we have a woman in surgery right now with a difficult labour...'

Meet Pip Parker, she will have you laughing and crying, in parts you may even wince through her pain but above all, you will be uplifted by a young woman who displays a life must go on attitude as she laughs in the face of adversity while she dreams of climbing a mountain.

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