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English Pushtu Dictionary - Pushtu Academy

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English Pushtu Dictionary - The Pushtu Academy's Larger Pushto Dictionary, a Bilingual Dictionary of the of the Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto Pashtoe, Pa
Pushtu Academy
Paperback / softback
Simon Wallenburg Press
UK Publication Date

This is not only a bi lingual dictionary but the definitive tome on the Pushtu language. The 828 page dictionary is a blockbuster, that can be used by beginners and advanced users alike. The dictionary is in the Arabic and English script. Users who have not learned the Arabic script should consider the Romanized Pushtu Dictionary by Ghayan Chand also published by Simon Wallenberg Press and listed in Amazon. This dictionary was complied by Noor Mohammed Taraki and others at the Pashto Academy Kabul under the direction of the Academy's director general Abdur Raof Benawa. The team, at the forefront of language research, focused on Pashto as it is used today, their work became the largest language research project by the Academy. Over 828 pages of definitions in large format were compiled over years. The end result of the project was the publication of the most comprehensive bi lingual dictionary of the Pashto language. Later Taraki became president of Afghanistan and introduced Marxist reforms. This great dictionary sadly went out of print during the subsequent Afghan wars. With the appointment of Hamid Karzai as the new president along with democratic government the dictionary has now been published in its new updated format. REVIEWS: "The finest scholarly reference work available for studying Pushtu. This dictionary retains its reputation as the single best reference work for use when studying the Pashto language" TELEGRAPH ONLINE "This dictionary has enough information to be useful for even the most learned Pashto linguist" Dost Mohmmad Prof Kabul University.

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