Live Another 4006 Days And Improve Your Health With Dental Medicine - Richard Guyver

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Live Another 4006 Days And Improve Your Health With Dental Medicine - The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Link Between Oral Health and General Health
Richard Guyver
Paperback / softback
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Are you aware that your healthcare safety net may not be fit for purpose?
Are you at the mercy of a state run health system?
Are you ever confused or bewildered by conflicting health messages?
Are you concerned that should you develop a medical condition you may never return to full health?
Are you keen to have full control over your own health?

If you can answer YES to any of these then you need to read 4006 Days.

This empowering manual helps you to understand how your mouth and body interact with each other, what you can do to save money on your dental care, have a healthier mouth AND reduce the risk of many medical conditions.

Mouth inflammation has been proven to increase the risk of developing numerous devastating health problems including heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimers and cancers. Most of the population have mouth inflammation and DO NOT KNOW IT IS THERE. 4006 Days is the ultimate guide to Dental Medicine. No more searching multiple sources to work out what you should and shouldn't be doing for your mouth.

You will be armed with the facts to ensure your dentist is providing you with the best care that is available.

BEWARE: There is information in this book that many lazy or immoral dentists would rather you didn't know!

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Richard Guyver has experience in both hospital and general dental practice settings. As the founder of the Dental Medical Academy ( and the Diabetes and Dentistry Organization ( he demonstrates his dedication to raising the awareness of the links between oral and general health, and helping other dentists provide optimal care for their patients. He has published work on diabetes and its oral health links, and has presented internationally on this topic. Richard's comments can be found in various media including Saga Magazine, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail, Your Wellness magazine, The Express and Maternity & Infant magazine, to name a few.

""Prevention is better than cure"" - Desiderius Erasmus 1466 - 1536

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South Carolina
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