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No escape - Paul A Passavant

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No escape - freedom of speech and the paradox of rights
Paul A Passavant
New York University Press
UK Publication Date

Conventional legal and political scholarship places liberalism, which promotes and defends individual legal rights, in direct opposition to communitarianism, which focuses on the greater good of the social group.
According to this mode of thought, liberals value legal rights for precisely the same reason that communitarians seek to limit their scope: they privilege the individual over the community. However, could it be that liberalism is not antithetical to social group identities like nationalism as is traditionally understood?
Is it possible that those who assert liberal rights might even strengthen aspects of nationalism?
No Escape argues that this is exactly the case, beginning with the observation that, paradoxical as it might seem, liberalism and nationalism have historically coincided in the United States. No Escape proves that liberal government and nationalism can mutually reinforce each other, taking as its example a preeminent and seemingly universal liberal legal right, freedom of speech, and illustrating how it can function in a way that actually reproduces nationally exclusive conditions of power.
No Escape boldly re-evaluates the relationship between liberal rights and the community at a time when the call has gone out for the nation to defend the freedom to live our way of life.
Passavant challenges us to reconsider traditional modes of thought, providing a fresh perspective on seemingly intransigent political and legal debates.

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Paul A. Passavant is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

A brilliant critical historical look at the thinkers who have contributed to the construction of the collective American subject.
Michael Shapiro,University of Hawaii

Passavants argument depends on establising a paradoxical tension between two principles conventionally involved in an adversary relationship.
Journal of American Studies

This is a thought-provoking and well-written book.
American Political Science Association

Using freedom of speech as a lens onto the meaning of being American, Passavant has written a remarkable book. No Escape is a nuanced and sophisticated treatment of the complex connections of legal rights and nationalism. It is enormously important and timely in its exploration of the ways identity plays out on the terrain of liberal government. Sharply argued and theoretically rich, it makes a cutting-edge contribution to interdisciplinary legal scholarship.
Austin Sarat,Amherst College

A significant contribution to the field.
Its focus on the exclusionary practices involved in legalizing rights to free expression make this a provocative and important book.
Sanford Schram,Bryn Mawr College

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Freedom of speech - United States - History.
Country of Publication
New York (State)
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