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Programming Ruby - David Thomas

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Programming Ruby - the pragmatic programmer's guide
David Thomas
Paperback / softback
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Use Ruby and youll write better code, be more productive, and enjoy programming more. "I love it. Conceptually it is really clean, and sweet." --Kent Beck, author of Extreme Programming Explained, on the Ruby language Ruby is a true object-oriented programming language that makes the craft of programming easier. Ruby is a transparent language: It doesnt obscure your program behind unnecessary syntax or reams of extra support code. Guided by the Principle of Least Surprise, Ruby embodies the values of consistency and simplicity of expression. Its more than a programming language: Its a concise way of expressing ideas. Ruby supports natural intelligence--yours. Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers Guide is your complete Ruby resource. It provides a tutorial and overview of Ruby version 1.6; a detailed description of the languages structure, syntax, and operation; a guide to building applications with Ruby; and a comprehensive library reference. Mining real rubies is hard work done with a pickaxe, but mining ruby the language is simple With this book, youll find it remarkably easy to Learn Ruby basics.;Youll find normal stuff like classes, objects, and exceptions, as well as more interesting features, such as infinite-precision integers, iterators, mixins, and threads. *Write large, well-structured Ruby programs *Write CGI scripts and create dynamic Ruby pages for the Web *Create cross-platform GUI applications *Access Microsoft Windows native API calls and automate Windows applications *Extend Ruby using C code Other gems youll find in Programming Ruby include: *An alphabetical reference to all of the built-in classes, modules, and the standard library, documenting over a thousand methods *A reference to object-oriented design libraries, network and Web libraries, and Microsoft Windows support *A guide to downloading the Ruby language itself, as well as other Ruby resources *Numerous examples (that really work) appear throughout the book. You will come away from this book with an appreciation for Rubys power, flexibility, and clarity. Youll be armed with the information you need to put Ruby to work for you and your projects. The authors maintain the Ruby FAQ, which can be found on-line at both and

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Dave Thomas likes to fly single-engine airplanes and pays for his habit by finding elegant solutions to difficult problems, consulting in areas as diverse as aerospace, banking, financial services, telecommunications, travel and transport, and the Internet. Before moving to the United States in 1994, Dave founded an ISO9001-certified English software company that delivered sophisticated, custom software projects throughout the world. Dave is now an independent consultant based in Dallas, Texas.

Andy Hunt is an avid woodworker and musician, but, curiously, he is more in demand as a consultant. He has worked in telecommunications, banking, financial services, and utilities, as well as in more exotic fields, such as medical imaging, graphic arts, and Internet services. Andy specializes in blending tried-and-true techniques with leading-edge technologies, creating novel--but practical--solutions. Andy owns his own consulting business in Raleigh, North Carolina.


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