Apex Legends: Champion Edition

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One of the exciting things about being a few years in to the Battle Royale format of multiplayer combat games is seeing what happens as the second and third waves of developers get in on the action. More specifically - what happens when a studio that has already proven it knows how to make kick-ass action games like TitanFall starts taking names. Apex Legends is the work of Respawn, masters of fast-moving run and gun shoot 'em up action, and it's attracted a lot of heat.

Battle Royale games (if you've been living in a cave) dump you into some sort of arena with a LOT of other players and then start shrinking that arena until you've all fought to the death and someone is the last fighter standing. For Respawn's venture into the genre, you're playing alongside other misfits and outlaws out on the fringes of known space in the Apex Games.

You play in teams of three, and with a huge roster of characters with varying abilities it's all about how you build your crew with complementary abilities. You'll need to make strategic calls on the fly, adapting your strengths to match up to new challenges as the arena changes around you. With loot dropping all over the place it can feel like almost anything can happen, and with Respawn's trademark fast, fluid motion Apex Legends can really move.

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Apex Legends: Champion Edition
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