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Saving globalization - Mike Moore

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Saving globalization - why globalization and democracy offer the best hope for progress, peace and development
Mike Moore
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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" Saving Globalization provides an eloquent and persuasive defense of liberal democracy at a time when democratic values are embattled and scoffed at by some, undervalued and taken for granted by others. Mike Moore's insights are relentlessly sensible, brilliantly presented, and sure to infuriate those who have concluded that democracy is either inefficient or unfashionable. I expect this welcome book to serve for years to come as an arsenal of facts for advocates of democracy and development." Madeleine K. Albright , US Secretary of State, 19972001 "If we accept that wealth is manmade, then we must accept that poverty is manmade too, therefore it can be fixed by man. If democracy is the voice of God, then Mike Moore is democracys gift to the world. If antiglobalizers brand him as "starving the poor," I think of him as feeding the poor. I have never seen a bigger proponent for a more open society and global economy than Mike Moore. In Saving Globalization , Mike recalls his works and inspirations in helping to make this world a better place in which to live. He explains why he is convinced that globalization is the most effective way to deal with poverty and offers convincing arguments on why we should embrace a world without walls and not be afraid of it." Jose RamosHorta , President of TimorLeste; Nobel Peace Prize 1996 "In his new, important and timely book, Saving Globalization , Mike Moore shares with us his enormous wealth of experience gained during 30 years in public life. It is a book that should be read by anyone who cares about the future of our present civilization." Vaclav Havel , President of Czechoslovakia (19901993) and Czech Republic (19932003) "The biggest of ideas are sometimes the simplest. In our daily quest to expand our horizons and increase our wealth we sometimes forget that. In this book, Mike Moore is taking us back to basics. He reminds us that a world without walls cannot function peacefully if it is a world without rules, standards and values and that global consumer democracy will quickly punish companies and countries that do not behave ethically. Mike reinforces the idea that open democratic societies, run by the rule of law, with accountable leaders, honest public servants and engaged civil society, produce the best results. It is a strong message delivered in the proper direction. Mike's ideas reinforce our hope for a better future where doing it right is the name of the game." Medhat Hassanein , Minister of Finance, Egypt (19992004); Professor, Department of Management, School of Business, Economics & Communication, The American University in Cairo "The book is the measure of the man. In turn, trade unionist, successful politician and energetic international civil servant, Mike Moore is an autodidact who has always tried to make a positive difference. In this work, he defends the universal principles of liberty, democracy, openness and rulesgoverned international cooperation against their many enemies. What is at stake, he insists, are neither exclusively western values nor narrowly western interests. These values are vital for everybody. They must be successfully upheld, both within and among the nations of the world." Martin Wolf , Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times

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Mike Moore is a former Director–General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and former prime minister, foreign minister, trade minister and deputy finance minister of New Zealand. He has been honored by over 16 governments and universities in the Americas, Africa, the Pacific and Europe. As Director–General of the WTO, the Doha Development Trade Round was launched and China joined the WTO. He serves on a number of commercial boards and is an Adjunct and Visiting Professor at several universities in a number of countries. He served on the UN Commission for the Legal Empowerment of the Poor and the UN Commission on Migration. As CEO of the Moore Group, he has advised governments and businesses worldwide, specializing in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. He is involved with a number of think tanks and developmental groups, including the Global Leadership Foundation. In 2010 he intends to launch a new organization that will help fund schools in developing countries. Mike Moore is a political practioner turned theoretician and Saving Globalization is his tenth book. www.mike–

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