The book of unexplained mysteries - William Pearson

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The book of unexplained mysteries - on the trail of the secret and the strange
William Pearson
Paperback / softback
Weidenfeld & Nicolson
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How were the hunter-gatherers of Gbekli Tepe able to build a series of stunning stone monuments six thousand years before Stonehenge?

Was the so-called 'Wow!' Signal a radio transmission from deep space, or the ambient resonating frequency of a passing comet?

What happened mid-Atlantic to the passengers and crew of the Mary Celeste, leaving the abandoned ship to sail on by itself?

Wonderful and weird, here are twenty incredible mysteries that continue to enthral and perplex. Each unexplained mystery, whether ancient or modern, presents the reader with its own unique challenge.

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Will Pearson ran away from home aged fifteen and joined the Royal Navy. Seven years and two world tours later, he won a scholarship to Ruskin workers' education college, and then read Modern Languages at Oriel College, Oxford. After various careers, Will turned his hand to writing. His military experience and contacts led to a breakthrough book, the best-selling TORNADO DOWN, written with the RAF's John Peters and John Nicol.
He has also produced and scripted documentaries and written for the Financial Times, Daily Mirror and many other publications. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

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Curiosities and wonders.
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256 , 8 unnumbered of plates

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