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The new chemistry - Nina Hall

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The new chemistry
Nina Hall
Cambridge University Press
UK Publication Date

The New Chemistry is a unique and fascinating book - a showcase for modern chemistry. It highlights the most important developments in chemistry over the past 30 years, covering the latest research trends in a wide range of fields, both theoretical and experimental. The book consists of 17 self-contained chapters, each covering a different topic in chemistry, ranging from the discovery of new elements and synthetic techniques to the design of drugs and materials, and each written by one of the world's leading chemists in that particular field. It includes contributions from several Nobel Prize winners and is copiously illustrated with photographs and explanatory diagrams. Written in a lively and accessible style, this book will be of interest to scientists of all disciplines and will be useful as a reference text for anyone wanting to know more about modern chemistry.

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'The New Chemistry will be a thoroughly rewarding read for anyone interested in the remarkable developments that are taking place in modern chemistry. Its pages show not only how contemporary chemists think, but also how they have become magicians with matter and have discovered how to make substances that perhaps exist nowhere else in the universe.' Peter Atkins, Oxford University

'This book covers, in a single volume, an unusually broad array of topics in chemistry. Judging from the several chapters I have had the privilege of seeing it is up-to-date and written in a manner which describes the underlying principles and which should be accessible to the broad chemical community. I am pleased to recommend it to those who would like a picture at a moderately detailed level of the thriving and exciting research in numerous areas of chemistry today.'
Rudolph A. Marcus, winner of the 1992 Nobel Prize for Chemistry

'This book covers a vast range of chemical knowledge, each chapter written by experts and leading figures in their respective fields. This gives an insight into the complexity and beauty of the many varied aspects of the modern day approach to the subject and will excite and challenge readers to further their respective knowledge of the subject. This is not a coffee table edition of chemistry but a real insight into the modern approach and topics of chemistry today.' Jack Lewis, University of Cambridge

'Ask a bunch of otherwise well-informed chemists what exactly they think is going on in the field. The answer will probably be 'not much'. The New Chemistry is the book to set them right … Nina Hall has assembled a glittering array of authors to flesh out the current excitements. There is, in fact, so much happening that the contents are too diverse to list in full … And overall? The book is beautifully produced … It's good value for money. You get several Nobel winners for your 30 pounds. Recommended as good background material for chemists and the scientifically literate with chemical interests.' David Phillips, New Scientist

' … an uncompromising yet pleasurable return to basics … We live in the age of the molecule, yet it is physics with its universe and biology with life that dominate the market for popular science. This book is a challenging survey of the past 30 years of chemistry. Take a holiday from medicine and return to the foundations, and you will find it rewarding.' Jeremy

'It covers a sufficiently broad scope that even those who have spent too many years thinking about atoms and molecules will find that its essays contain surprises. [The New Chemistry does] a good job of describing chemistry to chemists in ways that catch the imagination.' G. M. Whitesides, Nature

'… this is a stimulating book with some outstanding chapters.' John Meurig Thomas, Physics World

'… should interest scientists from a wide range of fields.' Shenda M. Baker, Science

'Most authors, it appears, have made an effort to avoid the factual boredom of technical language and managed to present their subjects in a very accessible way. What is more, the book as a whole is luxuriously illustrated, very often in full color, interspersed with boxes that provide additional information … for those with chemistry at an advanced level it will make a fascinating read.' Rdiger Faust, Angewandte Chemie

'Terms like flabbergasted, humbled, and amazed are all apt descriptions of my feelings after having
read this marvelous tome … In virtually every chapter, I came upon findings that were totally unknown 30 years ago and that have proven to be major advanced in our understanding of chemistry … proved to be chock full of delightful tidbits that gave me a marvelous appreciation of just how creative and inventive chemists were in the latter third of the twentieth century … a delightful book that completely lives up to the marketing blurb on its dust jacket.' Ralph W. Howard, Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology

'The book is beautifully produced … You get several Nobel winners for your 30. Recommended as good background material for chemists and the scientifically literate with chemical interests.' David Phillips, New Scientist

'I doubt if any chemist could claim familiarity with all the topics covered in this book.' Applied Organometallic Chemistry

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