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Transnational corporations and international production - Grazia Ietto-Gillies

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Transnational corporations and international production - concepts, theories and effects
Grazia Ietto-Gillies
Paperback / softback
Edward Elgar Publishing
UK Publication Date

This unique textbook provides a comprehensive critical analysis of modern theories, concepts and effects relating to transnational corporations and international production. Its user-friendly presentation includes boxes to highlight key concepts as well as suggestions for further reading.The text begins with a clear and concise discussion of basic concepts, and goes on to examine various theoretical approaches, topics and authors including:
Hymer, Vernon, Knickerbocker, Aliber, Dunning, Cantwell, Cowling and Sugden
the Internalisation Theory, the Scandinavian School, and the New Trade Theory approaches
Pre-WWII Marxist and neoclassical approaches to international investment.Finally, Grazia Ietto-Gillies deals with methodological issues in the assessment of effects as well as with specific effects on performance, labour, international trade and the balance of payments.Bringing together wide-ranging research literature on TNCs for the first time, this textbook will be invaluable to post graduate and advanced undergraduate students of a variety of disciplines including business/international business, economics, international relations, and development studies. Lecturers and researchers wishing to familiarize themselves with the theoretical developments of the subject will also find the book of enormous interest.

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Grazia Ietto-Gillies, Emeritus Professor of Applied Economics, London South Bank University and Visiting Professor, Birkbeck University of London, UK

'If one is interested in an introduction into and critical review of theoretical issues, activities and impact of transnational corporations (TNCs), then this is an excellent book to read and have. . . it ought to be read widely by those that are interested in and studying economics, business and management. Both lecturers and students would find useful summaries at the end of each chapter. Practicing economists also need to read it if they want to keep abreast of new developments and findings.'
Miroslav N. Jovanovic, Economia Internazionale

'This book is a welcome addition to the available literature in International Business (IB), responding to the urgent need of more textbooks in this subject. This volume's main aim is to provide a general background/introduction to the IB field. It does so in a clear, well-presented, reader-friendly and didactic way. Its strong focus on economics differentiates it from other recent textbooks in IB that adopt a more managerial, strategy-focused and empirical/case-based perspective. Grazia Ietto-Gillies's book, in contrast, is dedicated to the theories and to the effects of TNCs' activities. . . this book, written by a well-respected and knowledgeable specialist in the field, provided a very pleasant read, and I found it very useful and successful in attaining its aims. Writing a textbook is a complex and challenging endeavour. Ietto-Gillies, with all her experience and knowledge of the field, has achieved this very competently. I believe this volume will be very useful to readers such as students of IB and for related courses at the undergraduate or postgraduate level, especially for students introduced to the subject for the first time, and lecturers and researchers who wish to have an overview of the subject and its development. I will certainly recommend this book to my students and colleagues.'
Ana Teresa C.P. Tavares, Transnational Corporations

'This book provides a truly excellent span and depth of coverage of alternative theories and perspectives on transnational corporations (TNCs) and their effects on countries. In recent years the international business literature has tended to diverge from the earlier economic-based theories of the TNC, towards on the one hand the management and strategy of the TNC, and on the other the political economy of globalization. This splendid book brings these three strands back together again in a coherent way. It should be a compulsory text for anyone teaching in these fields, and essential reading for any postgraduate student or scholar starting out in this area.'
John Cantwell, Rutgers University, US

'A most imaginative and carefully crafted textbook on the determinants and effects of MNE activity. A really excellent introduction to the subject. It deserves to be widely read by both undergraduates and graduate students taking courses in international economics and business.'
John H. Dunning, University of Reading, UK and Rutgers University, US

'Although globalisation has stimulated competition in the world economy, significant market power remains in the hands of transnational corporations; particularly in software, pharmaceuticals and other high-technology industries. The rapid rise of transnationals in the second half of the twentieth century provoked a wealth of research. This book provides an admirably concise yet comprehensive account of the role of transnationals in the global economy, based on this research. It stands alone as the most authoritative and up-to-date survey of theory, evidence and policy in this field.'
Mark Casson, University of Reading, UK

'Professor Grazia Ietto-Gillies has produced an extremely useful account of the economic and business aspects of multinational production. It is particularly useful to have previous work summarised and reported, with the development of theories and analysis over time described and discussed. This book will be invaluable for courses on international business.'
Jonathan Michie, Birmingham Business School, UK

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