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Waking up in 5D - a practical guide to multidimensional transformation
Maureen J. St. Germain
Paperback / softback
Bear & Company
UK Publication Date

Each of us has already experienced 5D: Think about your most memorable and uplifting experiences of the recent past - where everything went well, interactions were harmonious and loving, and all felt blissful and happy - that's 5D. For some, the shift is sudden and permanent, but for many of us, the change is gradual, coming in fleeting moments and waves. In this ascension manual, spiritual teacher Maureen J. St. Germain explains how to shift your energetic patterns and choose to permanently anchor yourself in the joy, love, and kindness of 5D.

Guiding you through the opportunities the Fifth Dimension has to offer, the author reveals how to develop a Higher Self connection, increase your sensitivity to dimensional signatures, and consciously choose 5D, where love is the governing force. She shows how 5D relates to 3D as well as to 4D, the transitional dimension between the two, and explains how to read the energy patterns that distinguish one dimension from the next as well as how to experience multiple dimensions simultaneously. She explores how to identify the differences between "good vs. evil" polarized 3D linear thinking and dynamic 5D multidimensional thinking and how to turn 3D viewpoints around to expand your perception of what is possible.

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Maureen J. St. Germain is the founder of Transformational Enterprises and has led trainings in personal development and spiritual awakening in more than 24 countries. The founder of Akashic Records Guides International, she is also the author, musician, and producer of more than 15 guided-meditation CDs. An internationally recognized teacher and intuitive, she is the author of 3 books and lives in San Diego and New York.

"Maureen sees the big picture and is able to distill it into manageable chunks. She loves her audience and sees beyond the immediate, providing a compassionate, workable way to navigate in the new 5D energies that are permeating the planet. Her description of the dimensions and experience clearly establishes that most everyone reading this has probably already 'woken up in 5D' at least once! How will you stay there? Read this book!"
Susan Shumsky, author of Divine Revelation

"Everything Maureen St. Germain describes as typical to those who suddenly or purposefully find their consciousness, their ability to move about and live in the world around them, switched to a fifth-dimensional mind-set matches what the average near-death experiencer--child or adult--goes through. Each step she offers, each meditation, each mindful journey through the intellect, intuition, and the heart of all knowing remodels our life. A true guide, Waking Up in 5D opens the door to where, sooner or later, most of us will go."
P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., pioneering researcher in the field of near-death studies

"Maureen provides fabulous information and tools that help the reader tap into and maintain a higher more evolved consciousness. This is a perfect read for anyone who is interested in shifting out of struggle and into peace. Use the tools she presents and you will find your world transformed in a beautiful and powerful way."
Aleya Dao, author of Seven Cups of Consciousness

"Suppose the very thing we needed most was already present in our deepest being. Our task is to wake up to what we already are and possess, and Maureen J. St. Germain explains how to do it in her timely, high-spirited Waking Up in 5D--a book about waking up the life-enhancing powers within us that we need to survive and flourish on our bedeviled planet."
Michael Grosso, Ph.D., author of The Man Who Could Fly

"A remarkably timely book. A masterful weaving together of practical and mystic evidence for the profound shift in consciousness so many of us are currently experiencing. Waking Up in 5D is engagingly personal--full of insightful examples and stories drawn from the author's life. The book will be a valuable confirmation for those aware of 5D realities and invaluable for those aspiring to make the shift."
Timothy Wyllie, author of Confessions of a Rebel Angel

"This book is not to only to be read, it is to be experienced. Maureen's radiant brilliance shines through in her evolutionary book Waking Up in 5D. The tools, techniques, and teachings that are provided are truly a magnificent contribution to the expansion of consciousness happening in humanity. This book will be a gift and a blessing to all those who read it."
Lori Ann Spagna, author of Manifestation Made Easy

"Waking Up in 5D contains simple practices. It describes as practically as possible the steps you'll need to overpower a limiting third-dimensional view of our world. I strongly recommend this book to anyone ready to ask real questions that can change the course of a life."
Sondra Sneed, author of What to Do When You're Dead

"Waking Up in 5D provides innovative tools to shift out of polarity and into oneness and take a quantum leap into consciousness. Maureen has crafted a beautiful tapestry to access the higher self and enter into multidimensional living."
Danielle Rama Hoffman, author of The Tablets of Light

"This clear, refreshingly insightful book gives practical guidance about how to shift your thoughts, vibration, and consciousness to a whole new octave and in the process change your life. It is a wonderful reminder of how to live our lives with more flow and more grace. I recommend it highly!"
Tricia McCannon, author of Return of the Divine Sophia

"Waking Up in 5D is a thoroughly comprehensive survey concerning Eastern and European alternative consciousness. Maureen's instructions and meditations, which comprise the Higher Self Practice, are demanding and rewarding."
D. S. Lliteras, author of Syllables of Rain

"This book will give you a clear understanding of how much our paradigm is changing. Read this book and discover what's happening, what's changing, and what's in store for us in 5D."
Madeline Gerwick, author of The Good Timing Guide

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