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We Don't Die - Sandra Champlain

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We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death
Sandra Champlain
Paperback / softback
Morgan James Publishing
UK Publication Date

If You Realized That You Could Never Die, How Would You Live Your Life?Every second, 4 human beings are born and every 1.8 seconds, one dies. As natural as death is, dying is the most common fear that we all share. With every loss comes the most painful emotion called grief, which can cause break ups of relationships, depression and even suicide. Over 100 million suffer from grief daily, although it is a subject not often spoken of, until now.The fear of dying led Sandra Champlain on a 15 year journey to find evidence of the afterlife. Courageously, she now shares her personal story from skeptic to believer, along with proof that our deceased loved ones can still see, hear and communicate with us. Sandra also shares new information on the how our brains function during the grieving process and provides tools that ease pain and saves lives. It is now your time to find out who you REALLY are and discover for yourself that "We Don't Die".Discover...* Amazing Evidence That You Will Survive Physical Death* Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Still With You* The Purpose Of Your Life And Why You Are Here* How To Ease The Pain Caused By Grief* 'Remote Viewing' And Experience Who You Really Are* How To Create A Powerful Life and Produce Extraordinary Results.

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Sandra Champlain feared dying. Having no belief in psychics or mysticism, she began a 15 year journey to calm her own fears. She uncovered undeniable evidence of our survival after death. After the death of her father, she spent 2 years studying the brain's role during grief and is committed to help people through pain and into incredible lives with this valuable new information. She is the author of "How to Survive Grief," a CD and free audio that has now been heard by thousands in 15 countries.

Sandra is a top graduate from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. She travels the United States and Canada as chef for some of the most famous race car drivers in the world. She founded the Kent Coffee and Chocolate Company, in Connecticut in 1991. Sandra is the author of "The Law of Chocolate," and, "How to Survive Grief," an audio that has now been heard by thousands worldwide. Sandra offers products and programs to help people fulfill their dreams and lead extraordinary lives.

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New York (State)
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