Terminator 2 - Judgment Day

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Momentum Pictures
DVD / Widescreen Special Edition
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Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this sci-fi action sequel co-written and directed by James Cameron. Young John Connor (Edward Furlong), the future leader of a human rebellion in a machine-dominated world, is under threat from the new T-1000 Terminator (Robert Patrick) - an improved, virtually indestructible model sent back in time by artificial intelligence system Skynet to kill him. The adult John also sends a copy of the original Terminator (Schwarzenegger) back in time, this time to protect the boy and his mother, Sarah (Linda Hamilton). As the battle of the behemoths begins, Sarah and John face a race against time to destroy the origins of Skynet and alter the future enough to stop the slaughter of the human race.

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Director: James Cameron
Producer: James Cameron
Writer: James Cameron
Writer: William Wisher
Music: Brad Fiedel
Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actor: Linda Hamilton
Actor: Edward Furlong
Actor: Robert Patrick
Actor: Earl Boen
Actor: Joe Morton
Actor: S. Epatha Merkerson
Actor: Castulo Guerra
Actor: Danny Cooksey
Actor: Jeanette Goldstein
Cinematographer: Adam Greenberg

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Terminator 2 - Judgment Day|Arnold Schwarzenegger
Alternative Title
Terminator 2/T2
Region 2
Extras 2
DVD9, Anamorphic(16:9), Language(s):English, Subtitles:English,Dutch, InteractiveMenu, Screenratio1:2.35, DolbyDigital5.1
Extras 3
BehindtheScenes, Booklet, BonusFootage, Commentary:26membersofthecastandcrew., DeletedScenes, Documentaries:'T2:MoreThanMeetstheEye'.'TheMakingofT23-D:BreakingtheScreenBarrier'., ImageGallery, MakingofDocumentary, Screenplay(574pages).Storyboards(over700).Videoarchive(includinginterviewsetc)., Trailers
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