What is a Refurbished phone?


Don’t know much about refurbished phones? We’ll answer all of your questions and help you pick the right refurbished phone for you!

What is a refurbished phone?

A refurbished phone is a second-hand phone that has been tested and is fully functioning. At musicMagpie, we undertake strict testing and checks on all of our tech devices to ensure they’re of fantastic quality. 

Thanks to our 90-point check system (which checks for faults, battery life, audio and much more), data is removed in line with government guidelines. Sensitive components like internal batteries are fully tested and replaced if they fall under recommended guidelines.

You’ve probably noticed that we have different price points for the same models of phones. This guide will explain our grading system, the differences between new vs refurbished and how to buy a refurbished phone.

Levels of refurbished phones

Our tech devices are categorised into different grades depending on their condition. This is so you have more choice, from the latest iPhone in as good as new condition, all the way through to a budget phone with a few cosmetic blemishes. 


Pristine devices are as close to new as you’ll ever get, but for a much, much cheaper price! Pristine phones have all their functionality, with little to no blemishes.

A Pristine phone shows little to no signs of use when held at arm’s length. In fact, you might not even notice the difference compared to a new phone


Very good

Very good phones show little signs of wear, but still look and feel great! They have all their functionality, blemishes are barely noticeable and can even be fully covered with a case.

A Very Good phone will have some blemishes. These include minor scratches, scuffs, and wear. However, these blemishes aren’t easily noticeable and are easily covered with a case. They’re a more affordable option to Pristine phones!



Our good phones still have all their functionality, but may have noticeable blemishes. If that doesn’t bother you, they’re our most affordable grade of phones and tech to purchase if you need something fast!

A Good phone will have some noticeable signs of use. This includes scratches, dents and chips to the phone’s casing. However, these are easily covered with a case! They’re the most affordable phones to purchase from our range, especially if you need a new phone fast!


Refurbished vs repaired phones

A refurbished phone means someone has already owned the phone, has sent it back via a returns procedure or phone trade in site (like us!). These phones are then fully tested, repaired and finally sold on to someone else.

A repaired phone on the other hand (if repaired elsewhere), means the phone has had its problems fixed but may not be covered by warranty anymore. You might often hear that repairing a phone can be more expensive than buying a new one, which is why at musicMapgie we offer a free 12 month warranty on all of our phones and tech! This covers functionality and any faults caused by improper tradesmanship.

Will my SIM work with a refurbished phone?

All of our phone listings state whether the phone has been unlocked, or is locked to a certain network provider. Always be mindful of the network you’re with when buying a refurbished phone. 

If you want to keep your options open or you’re unsure which network you wish to switch to, you’re better off with one of our unlocked refurbished phones.

The difference between a refurbished vs new phone

Refurbished phones may show very small signs of wear and tear compared to a brand new phone; however the biggest difference between a new and refurbished phone is the price. Buying a refurbished phone is not only cheaper, but it’s far more sustainable for the planet, and reduces the need for companies to mine for precious materials.

If you purchase a refurbished phone through musicMagpie, you can expect the following to arrive in your package:

  • Your chosen phone
  • A data/charging cable
  • A SIM key (if required for your phone)

We do not provide headphones, a mains plug and other peripherals purely to save on unnecessary packaging. You will however get the following:

  • A fully tested and data-wiped phone that’s ready to use
  • A 12 month warranty
  • The correct network (or unlocked) phone!

So not only is it cheaper to buy refurbished, but you’ll do the planet a favour and receive a phone that’s like new!

How to buy a refurbished phone

It’s super easy to buy a refurbished phone from musicMagpie! Simply go to the musicMagpie Store, select Mobile Phones and browse all phones (or specific models!).

We offer really flexible options when purchasing a phone. You can buy your phone outright, or use our Pay in 3 Klarna service. Simply spread the cost over three months with no interest - it’s that easy!

What if I’m not happy with my refurbished phone?

We understand you may have a change of heart sometimes and that’s ok! We have a generous returns policy, simply return your phone within a 14 day period from purchasing.

Please email us at [email protected] so we’re aware that your return is on its way. Please include your order number in each piece of correspondence.

Convinced? Buy a refurbished phone with musicMagpie today!