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Are you worried about money this Christmas? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can save and make money over the festive period. Scroll down for our top Christmas money saving tips!

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How to save money for Christmas

1. Make a list of everything you need

Make a List

Start a spreadsheet and split it into three tabs: presents, food and decorations, and celebrations.

Then, list everything you’re planning to buy in each tab.

Not only will this help you set your budget, but it’ll also help you eliminate any unnecessary expenses.

2. Set a budget

Set a Budget

Now for the important part: set a budget.

How much you spend will depend on how much you earn, how much you’ve saved, how much you need to buy and how much you need for living expenses.

Remember to leave money aside for emergencies too.

3. Shop around

Shop around

Compare the cost of gifts and your festive food shopping using one of the many price comparison websites available.

The individual savings may seem small but they soon add up.

4. Use discount codes

Use discount codes

Don’t worry if you missed Black Friday as plenty of retailers offer discounts throughout the festive period.

Many online retailers offer a discount when you sign up too, so it's worth registering even if you're not sure about making a purchase.

5.Don't give gifts

Don't give gifts

According to a survey by Azimo, UK shoppers spend almost £3bn a year on unwanted Christmas presents.

If money’s tight this year, ask your friends if they’d consider not exchanging gifts.

Everyone is trying to save money at this time of year, so most will say yes!

6. Swap and save

Swap and save

Small changes can make a big difference. Swap turkey for chicken, swap physical cards for digital cards, swap buying gifts for making them – it all adds up.

7. Save on travel

Save on travel

If you’re planning a long journey, make sure you book your train as early as possible.

Coaches are a great option too, if you don't mind your journey taking a litte longer.

Drivers can also save a few pounds by finding the cheapest filling station on a website like Petrol Prices. 

How to make money for Christmas

1. Sell your unwanted stuff

Sell your unwanted stuff

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2. Use cashback websites

Use cashback websites

Cashback websites will give you money back on the purchases you were going to make anyway.

Simply go to one of the many cashback sites available, navigate to your chosen retailer using their link and you’ll get cashback when you make a purchase.

You won’t get the cash straight away, but it’s a good way to plan ahead for January.

3. Enter Competitions

Enter Competitions

Alright, so this isn’t a guaranteed way to make money...

But, if you enter a couple of competitions every day, you might just win a prize which you can then gift someone or sell for cash.

4. Take surveys

Take surveys

A lot of websites pay you for taking surveys and helping institutions and companies with their research.

You won’t make a lot but it’s a good way to boost your income over the holidays.

Top tip: set up a separate email address purely for survey sites to avoid clogging up your inbox.

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