Every actor dreams of a career full of non-stop Hollywood hits, but which have had the best success rate for starring in critically acclaimed films?

We tracked the careers of over 100 of Hollywood’s finest to find out.

Hollywood Hits or Film Flops?

Being part of the Hollywood elite often means you have the luxury of being able to pick and choose the films you star in. We looked at the Metacritic scores and box office earnings available for the films each of our 100+ actors have featured in throughout their careers to see who can spot a great script, and who is more motivated by the money.


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Total box office earnings (past decade)

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Av. box office earnings (past decade)

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5 year period Metacritic ratings

  • 50% or less
  • 51-79%
  • 80% or more

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What the data says

Bruce Willis has had a prosperous career, but in recent years we can see the quality of films decline. His highest rated film of the last 10 years was The Lego Movie 2, with a Metacritic score of just 65, and 11 of the 16 films he has starred in in the last 5 years scored 50 or less.

We can see a clear pattern of decline of Diane Keaton’s films over the years. After beginning her career with classics like The Godfather: Part 2, her most recent film, Poms, scored just 36. Robert De Niro’s decline in film scores over the years suggest the actor is less fussy about what films he puts his name to now.

Daniel Day Lewis has had one of the most consistently successful careers according to our research, with the highest average Metacritic rating over all his films at 77, but with just 15 films on his roster.

Lupita Nyong'o’s career is off to a great start, achieving an average rating of 75 over 10 films. Adam Sandler scored the lowest average at 40, but still manages to come in 14th place for the average box office earnings per film. John Travolta has the biggest variance from his top scoring film (Pulp Fiction- 94), to that of his lowest film (Two of a Kind - 5).

We can see the careers of stars like Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams climb. Chris Evans’ career has consistently improved, and he came second in the highest box office earnings for all his films in the last 10 years. We can also see the quality of Mark Ruffalo films increase, with all but one of his films scoring over 64 in the last 5 years.

Explore the data below to see if your on-screen favourites are starring in classics or car-crashes.

ActorAv ratingTotal Box Office (past decade)Av. Box Office per film (past decade)
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