Microsoft issue warning about AI

Computer giant Microsoft have addressed potential issues with AI in their latest quarterly report. Microsoft are heavily invested into artificial intelligence technology but its investors were told that the image of the company may be harmed, if the tech goes awry – which is a possibility. Should there be any …

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How the biggest players in technology became so successful

Do you know your Bill Gates from your Jeff Bezos? Did you think Elon Musk was a fictional character? Take a look at some of the most powerful people in tech, who are responsible or have working in some of the biggest companies in the world. Elon Musk Net worth: …

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Android Apple

The Greatest Tech Rivalries of All Time

Apple Music launched last week and people promptly discussed whether or not it was going to kill Spotify, the other big player in the music streaming market. To date, the war between the two services has been fairly tame but history suggests things might get nasty as competition heats up. …

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