Lego Batman

Who is the best movie Batman?

Since 1989, a burning question has divided people across the globe: who is the best Batman? Well… we may finally have the answer. Using data from Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, we’ve worked out an average critic and audience score for each movie Batman and ranked them below. It’s not an …

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Sad Ben

Friday Five: Movies to Cheer Up Sad Ben Affleck

Poor old Ben Affleck has had a tough week. Not only did Batman vs Superman got a battering from critics (although we’re sure all the money it’s made has cushioned the blow), but a video showing Ben seemingly dying inside has become a bigger hit than the movie itself. He …

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Batman Superman

Batman v Superman: Who has the best movies?

Two of the biggest superheroes in the world duke it out on the big screen this weekend. But who has starred in the better movies over the years? We’ve taken 6 Supes and 6 Bats films, worked out an average score based on critic and audience reviews and pitted them …

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