8 of the Best Celebrity Appearances in Video Games

No matter how much we deny it, people can’t get enough of celebrities. There’s something about a famous face that just gets people excited – which probably explains some of these completely random celebrities in video games! Bruce Willis – Apocalypse On the face of it, Bruce Willis’ involvement in …

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Games controller on table

The 5 stages of playing any online game

The days of playing a game by yourself are dead. Thanks to the internet, gamers across the globe are regularly facing off against each other, setting off a chain of uncontrollable and inevitable reactions. We’ve documented the whole harrowing experience below. Whether you’re a FIFA addict or a dedicated Call …

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6 of the weirdest movie and TV videogames of all time

Even though most of them are rubbish, most videogame versions of movies and TV shows make sense: people want to be Rambo, lay waste to Xenomorphs or play a GTA rip-off starring The Simpsons. Sometimes, however, a movie or TV show that shouldn’t work as a videogame ends up getting …

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Dead Head Fred

5 more sadly overlooked games

A few months ago, we brought you a few games that had been sadly overlooked. Unfortunately, there are plenty more where that came from – as this post proves! Dead Head Fred It’s fair to assume that more or less any PSP exclusive is overlooked but the lack of love …

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4 easy ways to declutter your games collection

Last week, we put together a few ways to clear your gaming backlog but didn’t mention the most obvious method: decluttering your collection. Selling games that you don’t play – either because you’ve finished them or just don’t have the time – is the easiest way to get rid of …

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PS3 Controller

How to clear your gaming backlog

How many games do you own, and how many do you actually play? It’s a question that most gamers will probably answer with ‘loads, and barely any of them’. With more games coming out than ever and prices hitting new lows, most of us pick up games without really knowing …

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Silent Hills

7 cancelled games that would have been amazing

Hankies at the ready, video game fans; Konami has officially confirmed that Silent Hills, the latest chapter of the long-established horror franchise, has been cancelled. The game, which was unveiled by P.T (arguably the best videogame demo ever because it had half the world clamouring for a Silent Hills release …

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