Apple Pippin

The Worst Games Consoles of All Time

Next time you look at your PS4 or Xbox One, remind yourself: we’ve never had it so good. Over the years, there has been some truly horrible games consoles; the kind of machines that could send a child into an apocalyptic tantrum on Christmas morning because Mum and Dad accidently …

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Virtual Boy

4 Retro Game Accessories That Prove Nintendo Are Psychic

After years of dominating the gaming market, things are looking bad for Nintendo. The past few months have been full of doom and gloom, with the delay of the new Zelda game the latest blow. Nintendo fans shouldn’t despair too much though, as Nintendo’s ideas always work out in the …

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7 surprisingly difficult videogames from your childhood

There’s been a lot of hype around Bloodborne, an insanely difficult RPG from the creators of Dark Souls, this week. Released on Tuesday, the game has been praised to the sun for bucking the trend of games getting easier. We remember the days when more or less every game was …

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