A Game Controller

The Hardest Games Ever Part II: This Time It’s Personal

Last year, we put together a list of the hardest games ever, that kind of games that will make you smash controllers, swear like Gordon Ramsey with a stubbed toe and sob uncontrollably at their superiority. Well, the fun doesn’t end there because we’ve found 10 more games that will …

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8 Classic Video Games That Are 20 This Year

What a year 1996 was: a computer beat a man at chess, we cloned a sheep and we almost won a football tournament too (we still can’t look at Gareth Southgate without welling up”¦). To top it all off, these classic video games were released too! Super Mario 64 Super …

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Streets of Rage 2

5 forgotten retro games that need a modern update

Retro gaming is all the rage at the moment, with gamers across the globe digging out their old consoles and taking a trip down gaming memory lane. The trend has led to the revival of quite a few retro franchises, although some of our favourites have sadly been overlooked. Here …

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Steel Battalion

9 of the worst gaming accessories of all time

Rockband is back, and so are plastic instruments! Hooray! Rockband and Guitar Hero (which is also making a comeback later this month) wouldn’t have been anywhere near as popular without their novelty controllers, which make you feel like a guitar god playing to an arena full of screaming fans rather …

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8 of the greatest games based on movies

Let’s be honest: most movies based on games are terrible. Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, anything Uwe Boll has directed ”“ need we go on? But what about games based on movies? How do they fare on the quality scale? Well, while quite a few are cheap and cynical cash-ins, …

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ZX Spectrum

6 retro gadgets that are making a comeback

It’s a miracle! After 3 years in the wilderness, and many rumours of it being killed off for good, Apple launched a brand new version of the iPod Touch, Shuffle and Nano. Of course, the iPod revival started long before that (and arguably inspired Apple to design some new models). …

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Goat Simulator

Have you played the weirdest games ever?

Video games are weird. A gold-obsessed blue hedgehog taking down a mad scientist, or a plumber fighting a dragon in order to save a princess – what’s that all about? Some games, however, take weirdness to a whole new level. Here are our top 9 weirdest games ever. #9: Michael …

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10 video games that should be remastered next

Love ”˜em or hate ”˜em, video game remasters are here to stay. Having realised that people want nothing more than to play their favourite games with slightly nicer graphics, games companies are remastering every game under the sun. Gears of War, Uncharted, Dishonored and Darksiders II remasters are all on …

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