5 Amazing Ways Decluttering Makes You Happier

Britain has a serious clutter problem: 93% of people say they have unwanted stuff in their home, with over half saying that their clutter made them unhappy, stressed and unproductive.

Clutter doesn’t just look bad, but it makes us feel bad too. It can cause all kinds of physical and mental health problems, even if we don’t realise it at the time.

Fortunately, a good decluttering session can cure all of that. Here are 5 amazing ways decluttering can make you happier.

You’ll have more free time

Hoarding loads of clutter means that you have to tidy up more often, which is a massive drain on the average person’s time. It goes without saying that the less stuff you have around the house, the less time you’re going to spend cleaning up – and the more time you’re going to have to do fun stuff!

Every item you get rid of is a minute or so saved, so even a small cleaning session can have a big difference.

You’ll be healthier

It’s easy to see why people get stressed out over a messy home: you’re either worrying about cleaning your home, the thought of cleaning your home, the fact you aren’t cleaning it, or what other people must think.

Working through your clutter bit-by-bit is the best cure for this stress. Not only will your home be tidier, but you’ll get a real sense of achievement from sorting through all your old stuff too.

Decluttering will also reduce the amount of allergens in your home and provide you with more space to exercise in!

It’ll make you more attractive

There haven’t been any scientific studies into the link between tidiness and attractiveness, but anyone who’s been taken back to a messy house after a date will testify that clutter is unattractive.

A tidy home also suggests that you are organised and dependable, which are 2 pretty good traits to have on your dating CV!

You’ll have more money

Selling your clutter with musicMagpie will boost your bank balance, but there are other financial benefits to decluttering. Some suggest that getting rid of the stuff we don’t need reduces the amount we spend in the future, as we learn what we do and don’t need from decluttering.

You’ll improve your focus

Have you ever wanted to take up a new hobby or achieve a particular goal but struggled to find the time?

Well, believe it or not, your clutter could be holding you back. Keeping the stuff we don’t need distracts us from the stuff that we actually want to focus on; getting rid of it can improve your focus and help you achieve more.

Have you recently had a decluttering session? Share your story with us below. We’ll publish the best in a future post!

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