May’s funniest videos

How not to skateboard

No amount of padding would protect you from this…

Matthew McConaughey reacts to the new Star Wars trailer

We know how you feel, Matt…

The world’s worst backflip

Proof that you shouldn’t try something just ‘cos your friends are doing it…

2 years old and better at dancing than you

A bit of inspiration for your bank holiday boogies…

Monkeys: offended by swearing too

Don’t swear at a monkey, unless you want it to go full WWE on you.

Babies try sour food for the first time

This lovely video from Buzzfeed shows what happens when babies are introduced to the horrors of sourness for the first time.

They’re alive!

Two pranksters set up their own zombie apocalypse and unleashed it on an unsuspecting public, proving that literally no-one would be brave if they saw a horde of brainmunchers.


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