10 of the best productivity apps

Keeping focused and getting things in order is a tough task in our busy everyday lives. Writing notes down on sticky notes doesn’t always work! Whether it’s in the office or keeping gym classes and social events in check, we all need a little help sometimes. Luckily, there are plenty of apps which hold all of this information so we don’t have to!


If social media plays a big part in your life – be it for work or your own blog – you need Buffer. You can choose which times you post, meaning you’ll get the most out of what you put online. It can help increase your engagement when you aren’t able to post yourself. Schedule up your days, weeks or months and let Buffer do the leg work!


Anything you need, you can put into the Wunderlist app. Combine work and general day-to-day stuff so everything is conveniently in the one place. You can make lists, create reminders, and share your work with colleagues. It’s available on just about every possible device!


Trello is one of the best apps visually, creating a board so you can keep tabs on all of your ongoing projects. It’s great for collaborative projects so if you manage a team, get them using Trello. You can stay in touch in such a simple way without having to be in the same place.

Google Keep

This is the app you need if you’re a notorious sticky-note taker. While sticky notes can go missing, or unstuck, Google Keep will contain all the notes you need in one handy app. It uses texts, lists, images and audio. If you have any important reminders like appointments, Google Keep is the place to put them!


FocusList uses the Pomodoro technique, so if you feel you work best in timed intervals to get tasks done, download this app. FocusList helps you plan out your day, list how much time each task will take so you can mark them off one by one. This way, you can focus on the one task rather than getting distracted but a number of other things.


It’s not unheard of to have a few email addresses – typically one personal, and one for work. It can be hard to keep on top of both sometimes so Newton is the perfect app for email management. You can send emails at a specific time to ensure they’re read, managing social media updates, and providing information on the person you’re emailing.


Do you ever get when you’re reading something that’s perfect for your project, paste the link somewhere and end up losing it? We all have! Pocket eliminates the clumsy element of misplacing the links to articles, images or videos. You can create a list of stuff you’re interested in to look at later when you have the time to give it your attention.


Printing out PDFs to read or edit creates clutter, and feels like a tiresome task. Cut out the middle man with Scanbot – scan documents, letters or even whiteboards to have the important stuff you need at the tap of a screen. You can add notes and highlight the important stuff; and you’ll always have access to it.


Keeping on top of where your friends, clients and colleagues are gets difficult when everyone is scattered all over the globe. Instead of Googling the time difference between you when getting in touch, Timezone will let you know. Add a picture of the people you know in different countries to make it even easier for yourself!


They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, and there’s an app to keep an eye on how you’re doing! Whether you’re committing yourself to more exercise, saving money or going to bed at a certain time, Strides will show you how you’re doing with your new habit. You can get updates to keep you on track, get an average over time and set targets.

Is your New Years Resolution to be more productive? These apps should help you along the way! Treat yourself to a refurbished phone on the musicMagpie Store at a fraction of the price of a new one, and get organised!