Streets of Rage 2

9 video games that need to be remade immediately

We’ve been trained to dislike remakes by nature, cautious of the kind of lazy, misguided rubbish Hollywood occasionally puts out. But video games are a different beast entirely. Take The Last of Us Remastered, which comes out later this week; it’s received amazing reviews, even though the original game is …

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Wind Waker HD

9 essential video game remakes

The Last of Us Remastered, a PS4 remake of the PS3 classic that came out just over a year ago, is released this week. Surely this is just a cynical cash-grab by Sony and Naughty Dog? Probably not, actually. Videogames, which are constantly being improved by bigger and better technology, …

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Wii U

5 underrated games consoles (you can buy right now)

For most people, gaming begins and ends with PlayStation and Xbox. Sony and Microsoft have made such a reputation for themselves that most people aren’t willing to venture beyond the safety of the console brand names they know and love. Beyond ‘the big two’, however, there are actually quite a …

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The Top 5 Most Traded Games

1) FIFA 14 2) Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty: Black Ops The Last of Us New Super Mario Bros. There have been a couple of unexpected new entries onto our Most Sold games chart, including one Call of Duty game dropping out and being replaced by another. Why …

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Vice City

8 Essential Retro Games You Can Play on Your Phone

It’s easy to presume that most games available on Google Play and the iOS App Store are well-disguised money drains designed to make you pay a fortune just to get to the next level. But lurking beneath the wealth of ‘freemium’ games are a veritable goldmine of gaming goodies, including …

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Metal Gear Solid

Top 10 Upcoming Games

Summer is a bad time to be a gamer, with a distinct lack of big new releases. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the long, long (but quite pleasant and sunny) tunnel as the rest of 2014 is filled with amazing games across all platforms. We’ve picked out …

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