7 films that are being adapted into TV shows

Remakes and reboots have long been the norm in the world of movies, but not so much on TV (with a few honourable exceptions, like Battlestar Galactica). That’s about to change, however. Over the next few years, the small screen is going to be hit with a barrage of reboots …

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Elf Musical Christmas

Don’t be bored this Christmas: watch these exciting new TV shows!

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ quite like lolling about, munching Quality Street and watching TV. There’s been a quite a lot of controversy about this year’s Christmas TV offering, however. According to the Daily Mirror, 63% of the shows on the main 4 channels will be repeats. The horror! What else are …

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Holiday Armadillo

The 10 best Christmas TV specials ever

Ah, the Christmas TV special: a wonderful time when our favourite television characters learn the true meaning of Christmas by a) doing a lazy remake of A Christmas Carol or b) starring in a ludicrously sentimental episode where all of their problems are solved by the magic of Christmas/Santa Claus/buying …

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The Flash

5 Lesser-Known US TV Shows That Are Worth Checking Out

With Gotham and The Walking Dead on our screens, you might think you’ve got more than enough US TV to keep yourself satisfied for the next couple of months. Nonsense! There’s no such thing as too much US TV, which is why we’ve dug up a few more new(ish) US …

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