How the biggest players in technology became so successful

Do you know your Bill Gates from your Jeff Bezos? Did you think Elon Musk was a fictional character? Take a look at some of the most powerful people in tech, who are responsible or have working in some of the biggest companies in the world. Elon Musk Net worth: …

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How to set up and use Twitter

Getting to grips with social media can be tricky when you’re thrown into the deep end. Twitter has grown so quickly over the last five years – from 204 million active users in the first quarter of 2013 to 336 million in the first three months of this year. It’s …

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5 of the greatest things to happen on social media in 2016 – so far

Sometimes it can feel like the internet is just full of trolls who hate everyone and everything, but sometimes, just sometimes, something surfaces on social media that helps bring a little joy back into our lives. So, to celebrate #SocialMediaDay, we’ve put together 5 of the greatest things to happen on social …

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