8 of the greatest games based on movies

Let's be honest: most movies based on games are terrible. Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, anything Uwe Boll has directed "" need we go on? But what about games based on movies? How do they fare on the quality scale? Well, while quite a few are cheap and cynical cash-ins, …

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6 of the best films (n)ever made

Getting a film made is difficult. You have to come up with a great idea, find funding and hope that the powers that be won't shut down your idea at the last minute. Every movie that gets made is a miracle (even the terrible ones). Unfortunately, the complexities of getting …

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The 6 Greatest Movie Robots of All Time

Chappie, Neill Blomkamp's latest film, hits our screens tomorrow. Focusing on a self-aware robot, the film examines how humanity will react to robots with thoughts and feelings. It also gives us the perfect opportunity to revisit some of our favourite movie robots of all time. Hooray! 6. TARS (Interstellar) Matthew …

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