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Apple’s iPod has been instrumental in their success in the tech world. If you’re a keen follower of the Apple product’s lifespan, you’ll probably have owned an iPod Mini. Released back in 2004, it was a great alternative to those who didn’t want to invest in the much larger iPod Classic.

The retail span of the iPod Mini was little over 18 months as it went on to be replaced by the iPod Nano, but while it was in production, it was one of the most popular electric products on the market. The first generation iPod Mini used the click wheel we now associate with the iPod, it had a battery life of around 8 hours and came in five colours: silver, blue, green, pink and gold.

The second generation iPod Mini saw a huge increase of battery life of 18 hours, was available in a 4GB or 6GB version and available in the same colours as the first generation except gold. The click wheel was upgraded too – the lettering on it matched the body of the iPod itself rather than being grey. The second generation model was released in February 2005, being replaced by the Nano that September.

With just 1,000 – 1,500 songs available on the iPod Mini, a real music fan will need more on their device. So, if you want to trade in your old iPod Mini to put towards a device with more space, sell it to musicMagpie!

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