Can’t decide which CDs to sell? Here’s your answer…

Choosing what to sell and what to keep is difficult when decluttering. This is especially true with CDs. To most people, a CD collection is more than just a bunch of plastic discs in plastic cases; they’re the soundtracks to our lives.

Then again, they also take up a lot of space. So it’s swings and roundabouts really.

Nevertheless, a lot of people find choosing which CDs to sell difficult, so here’s a surprisingly easy guide to choosing what to cash in on from your own collection…

It’s not as good as it used to be

Some albums don’t stand the test of time. Take a listen through some of the CDs you purchased a long time ago and you’re bound to come across a few that you just don’t enjoy anymore – sell ‘em!

You don’t listen to it anymore

How often have you looked at your CD collection and thought ‘wow, I haven’t listened to that in a long time!’ If the answer is ‘regularly’, then it’s definitely time to declutter!

CDs you don’t listen to anymore serve no purpose; they’re basically ornaments. While you might get the odd person popping by who might be impressed by your collection, the money you make by selling CDs more than justifies getting rid of them.

You’ve outgrown it

Our tastes in music are fluid and most of us are lucky enough to enjoy multiple genres of music over our lives.

Unfortunately, this leads to some extremely weird inclusions in our CD collections. These are the CDs we don’t listen to, but don’t want to let go off for nostalgia reasons.

Want our advice? Let them go and make some cash. Literally no-one is impressed by that industrial metal compilation you owned during your brief goth phase.

Embarrassing artists

We’ve all got our guilty pleasures but some artists are just too embarrassing to have on your shelves.

Own anything by ‘artists’ like the Fast Food Rockers, the Cheeky Girls or Steps? Get rid, and get rid quickly. We can’t promise you’ll make a lot of money for them, but at least you’ll avoid future embarrassment.


Now, this is probably the most cynical of reasons to sell a CD but it makes perfect sense. If you own a CD that a lot of people want to get their hands on, sell it. You’ll probably be able to reinvest the money you make on a streaming service where you can listen to the album anyway.

It’s not just ultra-rare CDs we’re talking about here. Any CD that you think other people would want to buy is worth selling – we at musicMagpie offer more money for these CDs, so it’s worth digging out a couple of these every time you sell us items to boost the overall value of your order.

Selling your CD collection is a quick way to declutter and makes perfect sense when whole libraries of music are so easily accessible online. So sort through your CDs and get tallying up their value on our handy valuation engine!

Image credit: Fred von Lohmann