The Surprisingly Easy Guide to the iPhone 6…So Far

The iPhone 6 is the most anticipated device in Apple’s history, and possibly the most anticipated smartphone ever – even though Apple hasn’t told us anything about it.

That hasn’t stopped the rumour mill going into full-on overdrive though, with more sneaky pictures and gossip than a particularly scandalous edition of Heat magazine.

It’s all a bit hard to keep up with. Luckily, we’ve put together a surprisingly easy guide for you.

When is it coming out?

Let’s the big question out of the way first: it’s coming out on September 19th, according to a German mobile network. This sounds about right, as previous iPhones have been released in September too.

What does it look like?

This (apparently):

iPhone 6

Why are they bringing out another iPhone so soon?

Money, of course!

Well, not entirely. Apple actually release a new phone every year with various improvements.

The iPhone 6 is particularly important to Apple, as the iPhone is looking a bit outdated next to the HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

I’ve heard there’s going to be 2 new iPhones this year

Apparently so, according to more or less every tech news outlet. Although the only major difference will be screen size: there’ll be a 4.8” model for people who like smaller phones, and a 5.7” model for people who like carrying book-sized objects in their pocket (you can see the apparent difference in the picture above).

What new features will the iPhone 6 have?

Good question. We don’t know. In fact, nobody does apart from the lovely folks at Apple.

But there’s always speculation to fall back on, and plenty of it too. Here are some of the most exciting rumoured features.

A bigger screen

This should be a given, seeing as the iPhone looks like a portable TV in comparison to the behemoth screens of the Galaxy and LG G2.

Better quality display

Depending on who you believe, the iPhone 6 will either have a 1704 x 960 pixel display (triple the iPhone 5’s) or a 2560 x 1600 display. Either way, it’ll be the best looking iPhone display yet by a long way.

iOS 8

It’s already been revealed at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (read more about it here), and the iPhone 6 would be the perfect platform to show it off on.

Stronger glass on the screen

Finally, something to help all those poor souls walking around with cracked screens! Rumour has it the iPhone 6 will utilise Sapphire glass, which is basically unbreakable.

Made of metal

Aluminium is the chic smartphone material at the moment, so Apple will probably jump on board. Or, they might decide to blaze a different trail and use something completely different.

Wireless and Solar Charging

Wireless charging should be included, but we’re more excited about the possibility of solar charging. Imagine: the sun charging your phone as you walk about. No more dead batteries (hopefully)!

How much will it cost?

Well – it depends who you ask. Given the fact the iPhone 6 will use better quality materials, have amazing features and be in high demand, you’d expect that it’d cost quite a lot – perhaps even more than Apple sells iPhone 5’s for at the moment.

Most agree that it will cost roughly the same as the 5 though: £549 for a 16GB model, £629 for a 32GB and £709 for a 64GB.

In short, you’ll want to sell your iPhone to make some cash towards it.

We’ll add more details to this page as they emerge, so keep an eye out!