The Surprisingly Easy Guide to Decluttering Over the Bank Holiday Weekend

If you’ve been planning to declutter for a while, this weekend is the perfect time to do it. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as picking up a few things and packing them away into a box; the best declutterers always have a plan of action that not only gets the job done, but makes it a lot quicker and easier too.

Here are a few tips to make decluttering surprisingly easy…

Tackle one task at a time

Decluttering is a daunting task. If you’ve got loads of stuff, it can be a struggle just deciding where to start.

It really doesn’t have to be though. All you need to do is break down your decluttering into smaller, manageable tasks. So, if you’re planning to clear out your CDs, DVDs and Games, you’d split that into 3 tasks: ‘organise CDs’, ‘organise DVDs’ and ‘organise Games’.

Once you’ve got your tasks written out, pick one and focus on it. Don’t even think about any of the other tasks on your list, just focus on that single task. Doing this makes decluttering seem a lot easier, which will make you a lot more efficient.

Even if one task takes you all day, you’re still a step closer to a lovely clutter-free home. Eventually, all of those tasks will add up and you’ll have decluttered without even really thinking about it.

Get lots of boxes

You’ll need a lot of boxes to store all of your clutter in, and you won’t want to interrupt a decluttering session to go and collect some.

Before you start clearing up, pop down to your local supermarket and pick up a few boxes. Take more than you need as you probably have more clutter than you think!

You can also use any boxes you have lying around the house: appliance boxes, nappy boxes and so on. We’ll accept your clutter in any box you like, so don’t be picky!

Get your friends and family to help

It’s perfectly possible to declutter on your own, but it’s a lot easier if you’ve got help. Ask your friends and family to muck in and sort through your clutter; you’ll clear up quicker, and you’ll have a lot more fun doing it.

Of course, it’s not easy roping people into tidying up so offer some kind of incentive like a meal out or ice cream (everyone loves ice cream).

Establish a sorting system

Decluttering, unfortunately, isn’t as simple as choosing what to throw out and what to keep as there will always be items that you can’t make a decision on.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to set up some kind of sorting system for your stuff. The simplest way to do this is to get 3 boxes and label them ‘keep’, ‘sell’ and ‘keep for now’.

The ‘keep for now’ box is where you can put all of the stuff that you don’t really use, but don’t want to get rid of just yet. Putting this stuff into a box will help make your home tidier, and it also allows you to monitor whether you really need it or not. Over 6 months, check how often you go into your ‘keep for now’ box to get stuff out of it. If it’s less than twice, get rid of it!

Do it on Saturday

Most people feel like they should do ‘practical stuff’ on their ‘extra’ day off, but you might actually benefit from decluttering on the first day of the weekend. Yes, you’ll be tired from work, but getting your decluttering out of the way means you can enjoy the rest of the weekend without having to worry about it.

Don’t put on the TV

There’s nothing wrong with putting on something to keep you entertained while you’re decluttering, but the TV is probably your worst option. You’ll undoubtedly get distracted by a programme and end up losing valuable decluttering time. Instead, stick on a bit of music in the background. You can even have a singalong if you want (just make sure your neighbours are out first).

Don’t check Facebook

Facebook is a very thinly-veiled tool for bragging. While you’re busy clearing out, your friends will probably be posting pictures of delicious lunches, pleasant days out or beers in the garden, which is almost bound to spark off feelings of jealousy. Don’t get jealous; ignore Facebook!

Price up your clutter as you go using our app

The easiest way to get cash for your clutter is to price it up as you clear it up using our app (which you can download for Android and iOS here). Scan your barcodes as you declutter and we’ll give you an instant price. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have a price for all of your stuff, and all you’ll need to do is complete your order and organise a courier to come and collect your box. Easy!

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend, and good luck with the decluttering – you can get started here.