No mobile

Giving up your mobile phone? Here’s how to survive!

There you are, walking along with a big grin on your face, when it hits you: you’ve left your phone at home!

Or, perhaps, you’re giving up your mobile phone for a while.

Either way, you’re going to have to learn to cope without it, and fast. Follow the tips in this post…

1 – Stay calm

While your natural reaction to losing your phone might be to collapse into a big heap and start crying uncontrollably, it’s not exactly a productive reaction. Take a deep breath and snap out of it.

2 – Panic (but make a list while you’re doing it)

Alright, now you can panic. But make sure you make your panic productive; note down everything you’re worried about missing out on. We’ll be using that list next…

3 – Make a plan

Got everything you’re worried about written down? Good. Now we can come up with a plan to replace as many of those things as possible.

For example: you could send emails instead of texts, and loudly announce any mildly interesting thing that happens to you as a replacement for Facebook (insist others do the same for the full FB experience).

4 – Let everyone know (especially your mum)

Find a way to let everyone know about your terrible predicament (so that they don’t get worried, and so you get a bit of sympathy). An email would be your best bet, but you could always borrow someone else’s phone or tie some notes to the legs of local pigeons and hope they fly in the direction of your friends (note: this is a really stupid idea).

5 – Put something else in your pocket

This is a legitimate piece of advice from psychology types. Apparently, sticking something of a similar size in the pocket where your phone usually resides helps ease feelings of loss.

6 – Find other ways to entertain yourself

It’s lunchtime and you’re mourning the lack of Candy Crush while you munch on your sandwiches.

Stop moping and come up with your own fun! You could invent a game (only children will be good at this), do some people watching or even recreate your own version of Candy Crush using a Connect 4 set, a bag of sweets and a hammer.

7 – Talk to other people

Go up to someone and ask them how their day is. You might even enjoy it.

8 – Enjoy the freedom

Although you might not realise it, playing on your phone takes up a lot of your time. According to one study, the average person checks their phone 150 times a day!

Losing your phone means gaining a lot of free time, which you can use to do lots of useful and fun stuff. You could finally write that novel you’ve been talking about, for example (or at least start it and then completely forget about it when you get your phone back).

9 – Find your phone, pick it up and promise to never let go of it again

Or just try to be more careful and not misplace it. Whichever suits you.

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