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The Surprisingly Easy Guide to Surviving the Apple Store on iPhone 6 Launch Day

The iPhone 6 is officially launched today, with thousands of people currently queueing up outside Apple Stores across the globe desperate to get their hands on one. Quite a few of these people will have camped overnight too.

If you’re planning to pay a visit to the Apple Store today, then you might want to follow a few of the tips in this surprisingly easy survival guide.

Accept that you probably aren’t going to get an iPhone 6

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first, eh? If you haven’t been camping overnight, then the iPhone 6 will have probably sold out by the time you get to the end of the queue. People outside the Apple Store in Manchester’s Arndale centre have already been told that they probably won’t get an iPhone due to ‘high demand’.

Don’t give up hope just yet though…

Pay someone for their place in the queue

According to this article from the Metro, there is a long-standing rumour that some budding entrepreneurs join the queue solely to sell their place to desperate Apple fans. Unfortunately, they could charge anything from £7,500 to £15,000!

Bring a clothes peg for your nose

A lot of people in the Apple Store will have been queuing outside for well over 18 hours. They won’t have showered and they will probably have…erm, needed to use the toilet. Needless to say, there’s likely to be a ‘unique’ funk in and around the store…

Pay someone for their iPhone

Okay, so you’ve rocked up to the store and the iPhone 6 has sold out. What do you do now?

Easy: just offer astronomical sums of money to the lucky folks who actually managed to get their hands on one!

Be aware that this is the very definition of a ‘seller’s market’. You’re desperate, they want to hang on to their precious new phone, so expect to pay at least triple what you normally would.

Make friends with a Genius

The Apple Geniuses are, by and large, a peaceful and friendly bunch. Why not try making friends with one, and see if they can lead you to the secret stash of iPhone 6’s they keep ‘in the back’?

(note: most Apple Geniuses will be too busy to ‘be your friends’, and the secret stash of iPhone 6’s they keep in the back may or may not exist)

Go home, make a cup of tea and order one online

Forget about the stress, sit back and order your brand new iPhone online. Yes, you’ll have to wait until November but at least you won’t have to deal with arguments/shouting/potential stampedes to get your hands on one.

You could even sell your current iPhone with musicMagpie and put the cash towards your new handset at the same time!

Did you camp outside the Apple Store to get your hands on an iPhone 6? Share your story in the comments!