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5 recently released electronics that are almost obsolete already

Amongst all the excitement about the new iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, a very sad piece of news was lost: the iPod Classic is dead.

Yep, Apple has killed off the product that made them the all-conquering tech giant they are today. And they didn’t even make a big deal of it; they just deleted it off their website when they uploaded details about the new iPhone 6.

Unbelievably, the iPod Classic was only 13 years old. Technology is evolving at such a rate that even successful products are being rendered obsolete shortly after launch.

So, which beloved piece of technology is next for the scrapheap?

The iPod Touch

iPod Touch

The iPod Touch was released in 2007, a few months after the first iPhone was launched. It’s essentially an iPhone without the phone bit, which lead to Steve Jobs famously describing it as “training wheels for the iPhone”.

It’s hard to find any reason for the iPod Touch to exist anymore. One of its biggest selling points is that it’s cheaper than the iPhone, but you can pick up a used iPhone 5 for about the same price as a Touch now and get the phone bit included.

The signs from Apple are omninous too. They haven’t released a new iPod Touch for over 2 years, with no news on the 6th generation model (although a new version with a camera and new colours came out earlier this year).

The Touch does have a potential saviour though: young people. The Touch is a popular alternative for kids and teenagers who aren’t allowed to own phones, but still want the iOS experience.


Ah, the netbook: a diddy version of a laptop that allowed you to surf the internet and erm…well that was about it.

The first netbook was released in 2007 to much excitement, with many predicting that it would ”˜save’ the home computer market.

Unfortunately, a more powerful alternative hit the market just 3 years later: the iPad. Tablets soon took over and sales of netbooks plummeted.

The netbook isn’t quite dead yet but you’ll struggle to find one anywhere as most major tech companies ”“ including Asus and Acer ”“ stopped making them last year.

PS Vita

PS Vita

The PS Vita is one of the best handheld consoles ever released, yet it’s often thought of as a flop. Why?

Smartphones, that’s why! By the time the Vita was released in 2012, most people had ditched handheld gaming devices in favour of playing console quality games on their mobile (or Candy Crush Saga; whatever floats your boat).

The Vita hasn’t sold particularly well and was notable by its absence from this year’s E3 convention. Sony recently announced that no more AAA titles ”“ like Call of Duty, Uncharted and so on ”“ would be released for the console too.

So, the Vita as we currently know it is probably a goner. However, it may soon be reborn. Sony has talked about the Vita forming part of a ”˜Playstation 4’ ecosystem, with the device as a second screen (like the Nintendo Wii U) for remote play. There are also plans for more games targeted at youngsters too.

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Whatever happened to MySpace? After peaking at over 100 million users, the social network collapsed due to the popularity of Facebook and presumably died a quiet death shortly after.

Well, believe it or not, MySpace is actually still alive. In 2013, Justin Timberlake (!) helped relaunch the site with a renewed focus on music and editorial content.

After a promising start, the site managed to annoy quite a few musicians by resetting their old accounts and forcing them to build their fanbases again. It’s now trundling along under the radar – will it ever be as popular as it was?

The DVD Player

DVDs are still very popular, despite the rise of streaming and downloads. Standalone DVD players, however, are not.

That’s because DVDs can be played in so many devices now that a standalone device seems a bit pointless. Why splash out for a separate device when you can watch DVDs on your console, or your laptop, or even on the player embedded into your TV?

Which recent tech would you like to see hit the scrapheap? Let us know in the comments.

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