iPhone 6

The Surprisingly Easy Guide to Not Bending Your iPhone 6 Plus

Here's a riddle for you: a man puts an apple in his pocket. Ten hours later, he takes out a banana. What expensive product has he just purchased?

An iPhone 6 Plus, of course!

According to various reports, Apple's big iPhone has a weird habit of bending just under the volume controls. It occurs when people put their phone in tight pockets, or decide to place a bit of pressure on the back.

Naturally, people who've just splashed out over £600 on a new phone are quite worried about their device bending like an Olympic gymnast. If you're one of them, don't panic: just follow the handy hints in this surprisingly easy guide to not bending your iPhone 6 Plus.

If you're wearing tight trousers, don't put your iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket

We know that tight trousers are all the rage at the moment, but Apple don't seem to have taken that into consideration when designing the iPhone 6 Plus.

So, if you're out and about in a new pair of leather slacks, don't put the iPhone 6 Plus in your pocket. Buy a nice bag or fancy coat to put it in instead (and seriously consider whether you want to be seen wearing leather slacks in public).

Don't sit on your iPhone 6 Plus

That should be a given.

Don't put too much stress on your iPhone 6 Plus when sending angry texts/tweets/Facebook updates

Sometimes, when we're texting/tweeting about something that really annoys us – such as that guy on the train who insists on snivelling for the whole journey instead of blowing his nose – we subconciously apply a lot of pressure to the back of our phone. While most phones are able to withstand the pressure of our rage, the iPhone 6 Plus is a delicate flower that needs to be treated with care.

Buy a sturdy case

Something made out of Titanium, preferably.

Don't let anyone else touch it, ever (unless they have an iPhone 6 Plus too)

Handling your iPhone 6 Plus requires a delicate touch. How can you be sure you're non-Plus-owning friends won't accidentally bend it with their untrained, uncultured hands?

Don't worry about it

Apple haven't released a statement about the iPhone 6 Plus bending issue yet, which suggests that they aren't too bothered about it. If they aren't worried, you shouldn't be either. Just take good care of it and you'll be fine. Maybe"¦

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