Old Games

Is it time to declutter your game collection?

Games teach us that collecting things is good: you get an extra life for collecting 100 rings, you can buy stuff if you collect enough gems and you can unlock an achievement if you collect all of the hidden packages.

It’s quite ironic, then, that collecting games in real life is actually quite bad. Sure, you’ll have loads of choice when it comes to picking a game to play (although that might not be a good thing, as we’ll find out later…), but you’ll also have loads of clutter and untapped cash sitting on your shelves.

So, with that in mind, here are a few signs that you might need to sell some games

You haven’t played some of the games in your collection for months

Unless you’re a really hardcore gamer, the chances are you play a game once, put it back on the shelf and never play it again.

That obviously isn’t a problem if you only own 1 or 2 games, but if you own quite a few you can end up with quite the collection of pretty plastic boxes that never leave the shelf.

The next time you’re deciding what to play, look at the games you haven’t played for a while. Will you honestly ever play them again? If not, sell them!

Top tip: if you can’t decide whether to sell using just your intuition, try the dust test. If you pick up a game and end up with a fingerful of dust, sell it (and start dusting more often).

You forget you bought certain games

Every now and again, you’ll stumble on a game that you completely you forgot you had, even if you’ve completed it.

This suggests one of three things:

You’ve got so many games that you can’t remember them all

The game was rubbish and left no impression on you

You’ve got a rubbish memory

Either way, it’d probably be a good idea to downsize your collection…

You can’t decide what to play

If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes trying to decide what to play, you’ve got too many games.

If you’ve ever starting playing a game, only to give up on it after a week and start playing something else, you’ve either picked a dud game or you’ve got too many games.

If you’ve ever picked a game, sat down, played it for 5 minutes and then decided you want to play something else instead then…well, you get the point.

Other people are commenting on your games collection

If it’s a mate telling you how cool your collection is, awesome. If it’s your other half nagging you for taking up so much space, though, then it might be time to consider your options (for getting rid of some games, not your other half…)

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