The Surprisingly Easy Guide to Decluttering Your Room (For Students)

You’ve been at uni for little over a month, yet your room already looks like a set from a post-apocalyptic movie. Discarded wrappers blow around with the wind; DVDs lay strewn on the floor; unidentifiable pairs of underwear lurk menacingly near your drawers.

Welcome to being a student, where every day is a constant battle against mess and clutter (unless your mum pops round and tidies up for you).

All hope is not lost though. If your room is looking a bit untidy (read: a complete tip), here are a few handy decluttering tips.

Throw stuff in the bin

If you’ve got some rubbish, don’t chuck it on the floor – put it in the bin. It’s not hard, is it?

Get rid of anything you were given on a night out

Fresher’s Week gives most students 3 things: new friends, the flu and a mountain of free tat that they’ll never use again.

If you’ve got free t-shirts, Kanye shutter shades or any other kind of free Fresher’s Weeks trinkets lying around your room, get rid of them now. It’ll save you space, and loads of hassle when you move out too!

Cut down your CD and DVD collections

The more stuff you have, the harder it is to keep your room tidy. Go through your DVD and CD collections, pick out the films and albums you don’t listen to anymore and sell them with musicMagpie. You can use the cash for bee…erm, ‘text books’.

Offer to help tidy someone else’s room (and get them to do the same)

AKA you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. This is a great way to make friends and get your tidying done extra quick!

WARNING: Approaching strangers and offering to tidy their room can lead to highly awkward situations and/or restraining orders. Only attempt this with people you kind of know already.

Reward yourself every time you tidy up

This age-old parenting tactic is a tried-and-tested way of getting kids to tidy up, and it works on overgrown kids too! It’s simple: reward yourself (with a night out or something) every time you tidy up.

Remember to set yourself some boundaries though; picking up a single sock does not merit a night on the tiles!

Rearrange your room

It might seem like its too early to start switching your room around, but a little furniture rearrangement can make your room feel less cluttered. Check out our surprisingly easy guide to Feng Shui for some extra tips!

Live in the hallway

If all else fails and your room is still a ridiculous mess, move out into the hallway for a couple of nights. Being kicked in the head by passing flatmates every night should give you enough motivation to tackle your mess!

Have you got any decluttering tips for your fellow students? Share them with us in the comments!

Image credit: Lian Chang on Flickr