7 signs you’re addicted to a videogame

From hardcore MMORPG players to Angry Birds addicts, everyone has been slightly addicted to a videogame at least once.

But sometimes, that addiction can literally take over your whole life. Here are 7 signs you might be addicted to a videogame…

You’ve downloaded the companion app

Why leave your favourite game at home when you can play it all the time?! FIFA’s Ultimate Team app is the worst culprit, giving you the opportunity to trade players on the go and spend even more time with your fictional football club.

You know you’ve got a problem when… you go to the pub and spend most of your time on the app.

You neglect other stuff to play it

And we don’t just mean other games. You avoid nights out with your friends, and sleep and showers. You might be avoid human contact altogether. Either way, your dedication to your beloved game is probably a bit too strong.

You know you’ve got a problem when… you wake up on the sofa, controller in hand, in the same clothes you’ve been wearing for a week. The smell is a dead giveaway too…

You’re not having fun anymore

Videogames are supposed to be fun yet they can occasionally start to feel like a full-time job. Completing the same few raids on Destiny just to get the Ice Breaker, or playing endless games on FIFA to afford Ronaldo – is it really that fun?

You know you’ve got a problem when… you turn a game on a set time, give yourself a lunch break and then clock off at a certain time. Give yourself double points if you write progress reports charting your quest to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.

You send out requests on social media

Everyone knows that game requests on social media are the most annoying thing on the planet, so why do people keep sending them? It’s because they’re the only way to get yourself a few more precious gems or goodies to keep going. What’s more important: friends or progress?!

You know you’ve got a problem when… you’ve lost half of your friend list because of Candy Crush requests.

You think about the game even when you’re doing other stuff

Thinking about your Call of Duty loadout on the bus is fine. But if you you might have a problem if you find yourself thinking about assault rifles and grenades during dinner, dates or nights out!

You know you’ve got a problem when… you can’t remember your last holiday because you spent the whole time thinking about what armour you’re going to buy on World of Warcraft.

You get really, really angry with it…

We’re not just talking about the odd expletive here. We’re talking these guys levels of angry.

You know you’ve got a problem when… you appear in a Angriest Gamers Ever LOL compilation on YouTube.

…But you’re back playing it again tomorrow

All is forgiven! And hey, you’re doing pretty well this time. Oh, hang on… OH, FOR $*%&£ SAKE! I HATE THIS GAME! *rinse and repeat*

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Image credit: Jason Devaun on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license.