The Surprisingly Easy App of the Week: Citymapper

Every week, we bring you an app that’ll make your life surprisingly easy. Today, we’re conquering public transport with the excellent Citymapper.

What is it?

Citymapper is a real-time transport planner designed to MAKE CITIES EASIER (their caps, not ours). To do this, it provides a journey planner, timetables and real-time public transport data to make getting from A-B simple and stress-free (in theory, at least).

Why is it surprisingly easy?

The journey planner and real-time data are the obvious highlights, but Citymapper’s other features are useful too. You can get disruption updates, save routes and check the weather forecast; it’ll even count the calories you’ve burnt on your travels.

The best bit

The interface is such a joy to use that you may end up selling your car so you can use Citymapper more.

The downside

At the moment, Citymapper only covers London and Manchester. It’s still useful if you’re planning to pay a visit to one of those cities, though, and Citymapper should roll out across other cities soon.

It doesn’t make the occasionally unreliable public transport system any more efficient either…

Download Citymapper on iPhone | Download Citymapper on Android

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