Airbnb acquire HotelTonight

Room booking giant Airbnb have made a new acquisition, buying a last-minute hotel company, HotelTonight. The financial details of the deal have not been made, but HotelTonight were valued at $463 million in a private funding round in 2017. HotelTonight was founded in 2010, two years after Airbnb, as an …

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What happened to these apps?

Creating an addictive app that quickly becomes a part of someone's daily life can be huge. You can reach millions of people and in the process, make a lot of money. Having a winning idea one day can fall down around you the next, as certain companies are finding out. …

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5 of the best photography apps

With smartphone cameras becoming clearer and more advanced, we take more pride in our photography skills than ever before. There's an amateur photographer in all of us and sometimes we need the tools to bring snaps to life! We've delved into the best apps you can download to enhance your photos …

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5 of the best apps for budgeting

Getting a handle on your finances is difficult. Putting some aside for a rainy day or gathering your pennies for something major like a new house takes its toll. Some months are harder than others to find leftover cash at the end of the month! But, you can take the …

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Pokemon Go

One year on: Is Pokémon Go still making money?

This time last year, you couldn't leave the house without seeing someone playing Pokémon Go. The app, based on Nintendo's long-running franchise, was more popular than anyone could have imagined; it seemed like everyone "" even people who don't like games "" was playing it. This was reflected in the …

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App of the Week: Color Switch

Apps are more than popular than ever, with Apple reporting that over $1billion worth of apps were sold over the festive period. We know Christmas can get a little boring, but wow! This week's app is one we reckon a lot of people were playing over Christmas: Color Switch. Color …

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