How to deal with an unwanted gift

It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid – expect of terrible presents from well-meaning friends and family.

The threat of opening a dud gift on Christmas morning is all too real, so you need to be prepared. Here are some top tips for not offending anyone and making the most of a rubbish present…

If the present giver is with you

First things first: DO NOT PANIC!

Sorry, those caps were slightly alarming. Here’s what you need to do.

Grin and bear it

Your best friend in any bad present scenario is the FAKE SMILE. The fake smile is a powerful tool that can get you out of any awkward situation.

Beware, though: an obviously fake smile can cause more problems than not smiling at all. Over the next couple of days, stand in the mirror and practise. Show some teeth. Raise your eyebrows. Think about happy things like puppies and kittens if it helps.

Upon opening the present, smile politely and remark on how wonderful/practical/thoughtful the gift is. Remember your training!

You could even give them a hug, if you can disguise your disgust for more than two seconds.

Use the post-dinner lull to sell it

You might be tempted to try and sell your unwanted gift as soon as you unwrap the disgusting beast, but hold fire! Scanning a CD as soon as you’ve unwrapped it will give away that you actually hate it and thus ruin Christmas for everyone – and you don’t want that, do you?

Instead, wait until everyone has eaten themselves into a turkey-and-Quality Street coma and start planning ways to make money off your ghastly gift then. If it’s a CD, DVD, game or electronic device, you can use our free app to get an instant price there and then.

Think up a good excuse

The terrible present-giver will inevitably ask if you’re enjoying their present a few weeks down the line, so you’re going to need a good lie to cover yourself. Here are a few ready-made excuses for you:

–   I donated it to charity because I already had one

–   It was so good that I just had to share its joy-bringing power with someone else

–   A friend borrowed it and hasn’t given it back yet! Curse you, Jeff! I’ll ring him as soon as you leave

–   The dog ate it


Be honest

Tell them the present is rubbish, that you’re going to sell it and, if you’re feeling really brave, that you’ll have to reconsider your relationship if this ever happens again. Sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind (and to make sure you get a decent present next year). Be wary that dropping the honesty bomb can seriously backfire and may ruin relationships, so think ahead!

Be grateful

Of course, you could always just be grateful that someone likes you enough to buy you a gift and be thankful that you can celebrate Christmas in peace and with the people you love.

You can still sell the rubbish gift, though.

If they’re not there…

You’re off the hook slightly, but we wouldn’t recommend bad-mouthing the gift and bursting into tears because it’s so bad. There might be someone who is ultra-protective of the person who will take equal offence, and word travels fast too.

Just remember your fake smile training, remark on how much you like it and then sell it as quickly as possible.

Worried your gift’s a dud? Take our unwanted presents quiz and find out!

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