Jurassic World

What is the UK’s favourite film of 2015 (so far)?

2015 was a brilliant year at the cinema, with some massive movies hitting our screens. But which films did the UK public see most? We used box office data from the BFI to find out… (P.S: we know there's a certain film with lightsabers in it around the corner, and …

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James Bond

What are your top 5 Bond movies?

SPECTRE, the latest James Bond adventure, hit cinemas today. It's the 24th outing for everyone's favourite super spy and the series shows no sign of slowing down any time soon, despite Daniel Craig's apparent reluctance to continue in the role. The Bond series has had quite a few ups and …

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8 of the greatest games based on movies

Let's be honest: most movies based on games are terrible. Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, anything Uwe Boll has directed "" need we go on? But what about games based on movies? How do they fare on the quality scale? Well, while quite a few are cheap and cynical cash-ins, …

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