Radiohead Albums

Friday Five: What’s your favourite Radiohead song?

Radiohead's long-awaited new album A Moon Shaped Pool is finally out on CD today. To celebrate, we've collected our favourite Radiohead tracks for this week's Friday Five. Share your favourites with us in the comments! Don't forget: you can buy A Moon Shaped Pool on CD from the musicMagpie Store …

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The 10 best albums of the 90s (according to critics!)

What is the best 90s album of them all? It's a question that's impossible to answer, but we're going to try anyway. We took 9 "˜best 90s albums' lists from respected outlets Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Absolute Radio, Q, Paste, FACT, SPIN, Slant and Diffuser and assigned each album in the top …

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Legendary Albums

Where to start with 9 legendary bands and artists

Listening to a legendary artist for the first time is daunting. Most of them have huge back catalogues, some of which are total duds. Where do you start? Here are our recommendations for 9 legendary bands and artists. Share your recommendations in the comments! Queen – Greatest Hits Oh yeah, …

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13 artists and bands you need to see live before you (or they) die

Muse Lasers! Explosions! Flying band members! Muse's live show is every bit as ridiculous as their live albums, with Matt Bellamy strutting around like an alien-obsessed Freddie Mercury and over-the-top renditions of their entire back catalogue. The good news is that Muse should be around for a while yet, and …

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