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musicMagpie Charity Referral Scheme Terms and Conditions

  • These terms (‘Charity Referral Terms’) outline the terms and conditions which apply to the musicMagpie Charity Referral scheme (‘Scheme’) launched on 14/07/2016. By taking part in our Charity Referral scheme, you accept and agree to abide by these terms.
  • These Charity Referral Terms complement our website Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy. By taking part in our Charity Referral scheme, you agree to abide by our general Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.
  • ‘Referrer’ describes the Charity which provided the referral code.
  • ‘Referee’ describes the new customer who has received a referral code from the Referrer.

Qualifying for the Scheme

  • To qualify for our Charity Referral scheme, you must: Be a new customer to musicMagpie (i.e. have never previously used musicMagpie’s services); Create a musicMagpie account and enter a valid referral code provided by Stand Up To Cancer during the registration process; and complete and send an order over £10 in value (excluding the £5 earned through the Charity Referral Scheme). The process for sending orders to musicMagpie is explained in our website Terms and Conditions.
  • For the Referrer and Referee to qualify for the £5 bonus, the Referee must complete an order over £10 in value (excluding the extra £5 earned through the Charity Referral Scheme). They must then send us the goods for quality assessment (see our Terms and Conditions) and the value of the goods must remain above £10 after quality assessment to meet the qualifying criteria for the Scheme.
  • Any order which is revised to under £10 total value after Quality Assessment will not qualify for the Charity Referral scheme. The £5 bonus will be returned to the Referee’s account as a ‘Saved Order’ and can be redeemed on a future order, as can the £5 donation to the Referrer. Notification of this will be sent by email to Referee. Saved orders are only valid for 14 days, after which time the £5 will be removed from the Referee’s account.
  • In the instance a Referee’s total order value is revised to under £10, the Referrer will not receive his/her £5 until the Referee completes a new qualifying order.
  • If you create multiple musicMagpie accounts, you will only be able to use the Charity Referral Scheme using one of them. Attempting to use multiple accounts to gain extra cash will be considered abuse of the Scheme and contrary to these Referral Terms (see below). Existing customers can donate their total order value by selecting the Charity option when completing an order.
  • We reserve the right to take any action we deem appropriate if we have reason to believe you have abused the Scheme in any way, including but not limited to removing the £5 financial incentive from your order or taking legal action to obtain repayment if payment has been made.
  • musicMagpie may cancel, withdraw or alter the Charity Referral Scheme, including these Charity Referral Terms, at any time without notice, although musicMagpie will process any referral codes that were validly applied up to midnight GMT of the last day that the Charity Referral Scheme was in place before its cancellation, withdrawal or alteration.
  • Referees will be paid the £5 earned through the Scheme upon the completion of their order using their chosen payment method. The Referrer will be paid as per the terms of this agreement.
  • If you have any questions about the way the Charity Referral Scheme works, please email [email protected]